Last week, Vanity Fair posted on their cover, former male Bruce Jenner dressed in a beige swimming suit with long hair and lipstick introducing himself to the world as Caitlyn. The media went wild in giving him their opinions of his decision of being a woman. Nothing far from the truth. Then the bashlash started on memes when a lot of the veterans were upset in using the words courage, valor, sacrifice to a man who hates his gender and did everything to change what he became. And now ESPN is going to give the Arthur Ashe award to Jenner despite there’s three other deserving individuals who left a mark in the sports as well as their community. But what Jenner did to deserve this award? He didn’t participate in any sports ever since the late 80’s. He was trapped with the Kardashians until he left last year to pursue his lifestyle as a transgendered “woman.” How hating his own gender constitutes courage? How leaving his family behind constitutes valor? How being in the spotlight to see his “transformation” constitutes sacrifice? ESPN didn’t grasp that, it was all for the fashion statement at the moment instead of what is deserving to give these awards to people who actually made a name from themselves.

The issue with transgenders are simple, they hate their bodies they’re born with, so they start a destructive behavior of hating it, and hating themselves for it. Some noticeable than others and then boom… they decided enough is enough and they’re start this change by taking some pills at a time to control or eliminate their testosterone in men or increase it in women. If they have the money, they will do their final and dangerous procedure which is Sex re-assigment surgery which cost a group of a thousand dollars. Some will receive family support, others will be on their own. Some will live but others die because the pressure is so bad specially by society standards, they often commit suicide.

And then you wonder how this constitutes courage?

Courage is loving your body, appreciate it, nourish it, make it healthy. Accepting it!

Jenner and others from the transgender community can’t accept themselves. Can’t appreciate themselves, can’t nourish their bodies they come up with and they’re NOT accepting who they are. They’re accepting an illusion of what they could be.

Valor is respecting themselves and others.

How can transgenders valor themselves when they’re destroying their identity and role they’re given and destroying their family, their parents, their brothers and sisters?

Sacrifice is abandoning their selfishness to focus on and helping others.

How can becoming a man or a woman is sacrifice when all they think about is themselves and being focused on themselves alone without thinking about the consequences of their actions? Without thinking about what their own family think? They could get the support, but the damage is already done as their family members slowly are drifting apart from them.

How can transgender constitutes these words to themselves when they’re actually cowards?

This is plain and harsh words for all the public that thinks that Bruce’s Jenner change of gender is the most “admirable” act of courage when in fact is a selfish act of destruction for themselves and their loves ones. And an act of cowardly because they can’t accept who they are born with, they’re creating an cover-up of what they want to be.


Writer’s Note: This is my own opinion not based on religious backgrounds. This is based on the openness of transgenders in the mainstream media, when this matter have to be dealing it in the privacy of their own homes.