Remember, Remember the First of June

A lot of African-Americans doesn’t know this gruesome tragedy.

A suburb in Oklahoma was destroyed to smithereens for one reason.

They’re Black.

So, in order to keep them in “their place” the KKK planed an attack on the night of May 31, 1921 by killing and injuring African-Americans, destroying their properties, hospitals, offices, their dreams and hopes.

The KKK felt “threatened” by them, just because they improved themselves, their families and their community. Just because they were Black.

What’s shameful is that there’s isn’t a prosperous community ever since after that attack. A community that can breathe on their own without any government assistance. A community that can join together and build instead of giving up and receive handouts. A community that could be a strong powerhouse. That’s why Black Wall Street was called.

What’s more shameful is that the African community today doesn’t remember this tragic event because on one thing. The whites want it covered under the rug in an attempt for African-Americans to not know the truth. Until now, with the help of the internet, this story is open for everyone to see.

We can be unstoppable. We can be successful. We can do it again.

Because power isn’t violence. It’s learning our roots and learning how to manage money to their will.

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