The Running Man

This movie adaptation by sci-fi writer Phillip K. Dick tells the story of a former police officer framed and convicted for murdering thousands of civilians. He have to prove his innocence, but there’s one thing. Digital enhancements will convince the public he committed those crimes instead of real evidence to claim his innocence and the real story of it was he was trying to save those people. But enough of this story, this is the real thing. The Boston Bombing from the beginning was full of conspiracies that stern from fake blood, fake actors and fake deaths to then photographed and send it up for social media to see. Before this attack, there were trained exercises for catastrophes such as these in Boston days prior. There’s tons of evidence that the Boston Bombing is a inside job, just like they did on 9/11 but in a small scale with the same results. Now, they have to find the culprits to this act, and the government incriminated two youngsters that are foreign followed by placing the weapon in question and so it starts the show.

In a weird chain of events, the “authorities” “killed” Tamerlan Tsarnaev and injured his younger brother Dzhokhar, placing him in a supermax prison until his trial and later without real and conclusive evidence, he is in death row. There’s a lot of evidence and proof, these youngsters weren’t the responsible culprits to the attack. Countless of youtube videos and websites shows photos and videos of the real responsible of the attack, but the mainstream media ignores and discard it since it can incriminate the whole government at fault. The Tsarnaev brothers were the pawns in this game and their lives are being paid in blood. Meanwhile, the mainstream media continues to vilify Dzhokhar and connect him with Muslim beliefs but due to the secretive gag in effect, they can’t tell the government is responsible for this incident. They can’t tell the truth! They can’t handle the truth, otherwise their news source will be vanished as well.

At least, there’s citizens out there questioning about this incident and they’re NOT backing up. Sadly, millions of people are “happy” and convinced with the decision even thought the proof and real evidence are hidden and buried.



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