We Don’t Want Your Pity

A college so-called professor at Duke University blatantly criticized the Black community and worst comparing to the Asian community by stating that:

  • Their first strange names are lack of integration.
  • Black people are less prone to interracial relationships.
  • Asians followed Martin Luther King while Blacks follows Malcolm X.
  • Blacks people wants to make other people feel sorry for themselves.

Ok, this 80 year old not only is acting his age as a dumb clueless geezer, but also an ignorant, biased racist prick in commenting such offensive words of stupidity and acted like he’s living in the pre-civil rights era. He should be fired on the spot, but Duke University has a very sketchy reputation as planting nooses around campus. So, I doubt it would happen.

Now, back to the subject. Who the hell, everyone thinks that Blacks don’t want to overcome their social, financial obstacles? We have been enduring these and other ills that society has been offered to us for a long time, and this is their response after the riots in Ferguson and Baltimore? That we’re given up? That we’re lazy? That we’re not in the position to “assimilate?” Oh, and the worst, that we’re becoming animals in the jungle? Black people want to get their message clear, we don’t want your pity. We don’t want your business destroying our dreams. And we don’t want to be compared with other races about how we’re under on everything and bad on other things. We don’t need statistics to make a point that we’re the rotten apple of America based on their “standards.”


We want to be respected, feel respected. Enough with the bashing, humiliation, bullying and offensive remarks in the media!

We want to achieve our dreams and goals with fairness. When I say fairness, it’s not giving someone a job because he or she’s of color, is because of him or her accomplishments that could be an asset to a business, not a decoration. Not a excuse that they have a “diverse” personnel.

We want to be ourselves. We cannot act or pretend something that we’re not in order to assimilate their culture when they mocking ours and consider it as theirs from our hair styles, to our music to our clothing styles.

We don’t want your pity. Seriously, we don’t want your fake tears and your caring when your ancestors crushed our fathers, mothers dreams and hopes, and split our families in half, or should I say destroy our families to be one single family household. We don’t want your “caring” when society put young black males into the penal system or threatened, assaulted or dead by the hands of the law.

And finally,

We want to be left alone! Enough with the false feeling of diversity and equality when in reality, we can’t even move forward, not even an inch. If Whites doesn’t want us, why the hell we keep pushing them to be accepted, to like us? If they have a chance, we could be obliterated from the face of the earth by them. Who knows, maybe segregation could be the answer of racial tensions as building our own nation instead of that word being labeled as racist and shame.

And perhaps Professor Hough could GTFO, and move to the next stage in his sour, foul life, a crappy nursing home.