Since the recession in 2008, we still didn’t seem the relief that mainstream news has been delivering for the past months about the words “more jobs” and “economy is getting better.” But who’s getting better? The employers or the employees? The Corporations? One thing is for certain is that many manufacturing, industrial jobs that used to pay high wages are being gone and have been moved overseas. Instead, the retail, service and food industries are going to be the next in line, because of the fact that many employees are demanding higher pay as low as $15 dollars an hour for menial tasks. This could be the end of labor, as viewed by the greedy corporations since they cataloged employees as liability not as a benefit or an asset to their company. Human employees need something in return for their service, they get ill and they’re NOT loyal. They could leave as soon as they find a better opportunity elsewhere. They have to be screened from background checks to criminal convictions and drug tests to find out if they’re the perfect candidate.

After all the “loss” of money corporations has been losing, corporations can’t stand the chance in acquiring an alternative to earn revenue instead of losing and sadly these human employees are going to be replaced by machines. Hardware store Lowes is starting the “revolution” by adding robotic assistants to their stores starting in California. The same state that Walmart shut down one of their five stores. Also, the majority of the retail stores like Walmart, Costco, and others have been using self-checkout without the help of cashiers. Eliminating the cost of human labor in half. In other terms human labor is being replaced. They’re replaceable. They can do tasks in less time, more efficient than humans. And Corporations like this idea.

Sadly, with the defense of the Unions for humans, they can’t have an idea of how catastrophic would be if companies rely on machines instead of human labor. Humans cannot get any other jobs, the unemployment rate would triple. Poverty would take ground, millions of parents will rely on Government programs taking it’s toll on states, homelessness would be the new normal.

I’m not against robots, since companies can divide robots and humans workforce instead of be fully dependable on these machines. But sadly, companies are doing the opposite. Telling the whole world, you humans are fired!

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