It Seems They Had Won

I felt a false relief, when the top prosecutor announced charges against 6 police officers for killing an unarmed man Freddie Gray days prior. As I searched the photos of the 5 men, 1 woman I was puzzled, dumbfounded to find the driver, officer Caesar R. Goodson, Jr faced with the most severe punishment which he could be in jail for 30 for depraved heart murder. I never heard or know these words slapped along with this man’s photo. What’s worst is that this man is African-American. The rest of the 5 received mostly involuntary manslaughter. In the video it doesn’t show Godson being involved in the scuffle with Gray, it was the two white officers who were the first to deliver the damage. It was these officers who push Gray into the van without putting the seat belt on him. It was these two men who put shackles on his legs. Godson was driving. And by means driving it was basically the Nickel Ride. It’s a common practice all around the US where instead of obeying the law they take advantages of loopholes to punish criminals, without using physical force or weapons.

Another issue, What are the reasons for his arrest? All the mainstream media focused solely on Gray’s abuse at the hands of the Police, but rarely it shows the cause of his arrest. Based on one source, it shows Gray has an outstanding criminal record starting when he was just 18 years old. And the most controversial, even three arrests in a month. Why that much? Over the fact that he was smoking weed? Over the fact that police wants to add another person into the for profit jail system? And I forgot, why the cause of his last arrest. It was because he was carrying a knife.

Are you serious? A knife?

Yes, In the Guardian, Baltimore Police stopped Gray over the excuse to find a switch blade knife in his possession. I just wonder Baltimore isn’t the same as Idaho where I see a lot of guys carrying these types of weapons even at Walmart. But in the inner cities in Baltimore, it’s classified as “dangerous.” You know what’s dangerous? A group of cops that kidnaps young African-Americans to place them into the jail system destroying their purpose, their dreams and their hopes for the future.

Meanwhile, the damage is done. They did justice, but with the wrong guy to start with, instead of putting these men who were in the video responsible for Gray’s death. It seems like a slap in the hand for these two while the guy who drove the van to the police station, was the pawn of the puzzle to destroy the #BlackLivesMatter movement. It’s still the same chain, still the same methods to denigrate, destroy and humiliate African-Americans in the most subtle way possible. And we’re losing.