Stupid is as Stupid Does… Ma’am…

Before going to my daily routine of playing violent, gory games on my TV, I just want to add a few comments about this person… Tamah Jada Clark.

She appeared on the news as a person who have some sort of mental issues, but in reality she is making an embarrassment of herself and the ones she’s trying to “defend.” Writing a nine page legal brief to U.S. District Judge Willis B. Hunt full of expletives and offensive insults against his character, doesn’t mean she’s fully educated.

The fact of the matter is Judge Hunt dismissed her civil rights complaint for her arrest in 2010 when she was carrying semi-automatic weapons. If she have proof that she own these guns, she must show that proof to the police. Instead, as any other person, it was just for show. How come a woman have to carry semi-automatic weapons in her vehicle? And the reason is to break her husband in prison? Sound crazy, right? But wait a minute! This is not all! She filed a complaint citing that her civil rights were violated which the judge dismissed it. And there you have it. An angry woman writing insults, having such a power trip that she can write and learn law in a month and still, talks like an old ghetto queen by writing such a low standard legal brief ignoring the most important issue. Why she thinks her civil rights were violated? How it occurred? Who were the persons involved? When and where she could remember details, words, actions that was insulting or dangerous towards herself? And the most important thing: If she have a freaking Lawyer!

Writing insults in all those nine pages towards the Judge, is totally a waste of time. And also she could have another charge for threatening a Judge which is something she definitely don’t want, but hell, the Justice system is corrupted anyway, but going against Goliath in such an immature, no merit arguments in nine piece of paper without proof is like trying to do a homerun with a foam bat.