Our Heritage is NOT for Sale

Yesterday, mediocre comedian Adam Sandler got a huge surprise when a group of Native American actors walked out of the set, angered and offended by Sandler’s project of a comedy western for Netflix called “The Ridiculous Six.” The group of the Navajo nation were reading the script given to them and there were noticing a lot of actions and names that considered offensive to them specially to the elderly and women. So, enough was enough and they walk off. Their heritage, their race is NOT for sale. They endured a lot over centuries and they’re still struggling, and here’s a guy who ask the so-called producers what he should do. And these producers gave him the okay in delivering a movie that stereotyping Native Americans negatively. And after that, these producers were telling them if you guys are so sensitive, you should leave, and that’s what they did. They have pride.

If African-Americans were imitating that action and attitude to Hollywood, that would be another story. We could have pride where others have been taking it for so long in stereotyping roles that are negative to their race by not accepting these roles and create classy actors studio to build a positive role model for Blacks. But sadly, we don’t take pride in ourselves unless they show the dollar around like showing up to a low class stripper so they can put the food on the table. It’s sad what the African-Community acting has been come up in the last decades. If it’s not a slave, is a maid. If it’s not a maid, is a drug addict or a stripper. If it’s not a stripper, is a thug, or a drug dealer or perhaps a gangbanger. If is not a gangbanger it’s a prisoner or a rapper. And so, on when it comes to roles. And it has to stop right now!

Kudos to the Navajo Nation for defending themselves and NOT buying their culture, their heritage to Hollywood to make offensive “fun” aimed at them! I hope Netflix will reconsider and cancel that project, finding someone who has double the talent that this jackass don’t have.