Woman President? Oh Please!

In Texas, a female CEO of Go Ape, Cheryl Rios commented that since women are different from men, there’s no way a woman should become President of the United States. She states that males and females had different roles that contributes in society and a woman being the leader of this nation isn’t one of them.

But wait a minute! She’s contradicting herself. She’s a leader of a company, which she have to decide and solve many issues to keep that business running. It’s the same thing as being the President of the United States. It could be a homemaker who could say these quotes, but it is a woman who is helped by feminism ideas to make what she is today, a leader and it’s making a pretty little joke among males because of her opinions.

I think I can understand the hormones related to women and all that. But seriously, woman President? I don’t think so, specially Hillary Clinton, the wife of former President Bill Clinton. What good deeds she has been doing over the years as a former Secretary of State, former Senator, and former First Lady? For my info, she only stand that the word woman, not by her accomplishments if there’s any. For example and the most common among the mainstream media: the letter to NASA asking how to be a astronaut, receiving a dull reply stating that “they can’t accept women to be in space.” It seems to me that all she is stating is for the public to have sympathy and deliver her vote. Not because of her accomplishments or lack of thereof, but just because she is a woman. The same thing happened with Obama, he was just as unknown as a open mic comedian, but just because he is mixed, the people gave him the vote twice.

I understand that a woman cannot be a President of this country, not because of her gender, but because people will start being pity of her instead by giving them the vote. Otherwise, we will be the bad, bad misogynists of the world.  Just like they’re doing with Hilary Clinton. She is NOT capable to handle big decisions, just like she did when she was the Secretary of State, just like she was the US Senator and even when she was first lady when Monica Lewinsky came into the scene. It seems fair enough to send a letter to her stating: “There’s no accepting women to be Leaders of this Nation.”