And The Plot Thickens…

On it’s first week at the closure of 5 Walmart stores, Walmart set “their record straight” in stating the reasons it was “plumbing issues” that could “threaten” the safety of employees and customers in their latest PR Spokesperson:

“We don’t believe there is any basis for an injunction.  As we have said all along, these stores were closed temporarily so we could fix the ongoing plumbing issues and it would be unfortunate if this outside group attempts to slow this process down for our associates and customers. Each of these five locations had more than 100 plumbing problems reported over the last two years, the most out of our more than 5,000 stores in the U.S.”

Well, if they have 100 plumbing problems in the last two years and they didn’t fix it in time, why now? If it’s a plumbing issue, for my understanding, plumbers should go and fix the issue when there’s less customer traffic in their stores for example, night time to minimize interruptions. If Walmart claims these issues, doesn’t suppose to show these reporters with a detail paperwork of all these 100 irregularities as visual proof. For my understanding, the only people there in those closed stores are former employees protesting against this injustice. The Pico Rivera store employees are the only ones with the support by the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, helping these workers getting their lives back. But another question remains, if they’re lay-off doesn’t suppose to find another job? Getting another job, isn’t easier than 10 or either 20 years ago. Most jobs pay the minimum wage, so starting all over again isn’t the option since most of them have been working there since this store has been open. Why Walmart doesn’t say the truth? They played dirty in shutting down these stores with only 5 hours notice. Doesn’t suppose to do that with a 30 day notice? Why that quick? Isn’t because, these employees were the first to protest against Black Friday? Isn’t because they were protesting against Walmart’s dirty practices and intimidation? Now read the fine print… If you mention the word Union, you are based by Walmart’s opinion, as a rioter, a protester, a nuisance and has to be dealt with. So, the plumbing issue has to be eliminating these employees, right? Do you think some people are freaking dumb to believe this crap? Watch Store in Brandon Walmart closes abruptly Watch the Documentary Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price


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