Short Notices

You Shall NOT Strike?

Walmart former employees who have been lay off a couple of days ago can’t give up without a fight. Right now, along with the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW) are planning to enforce Walmart to give their jobs back or transferred to another store without losing they pay.

I knew what was going on closing just five stores! But California is a forced union-state, which means any injustice that businesses cause against employees, they have to deal with the Unions swiftly. Sadly, Texas, Oklahoma and Florida are right-to-work states which their cause is a lost one.

Even thought Walmart is in the “process” of implementing hourly wages nationally at 9 dollars an hour and “improving” better working conditions, still the former and current employees are NOT pleased. If a multimillion corporation doesn’t split their earnings equally instead of putting greed first before responsibility, destroying small businesses, hurting the economy and the environment all while exploiting workers and disposing them as they see fit, there’s gonna be a day they can be accountable for their actions. Walmart isn’t going to be silent, they have control and are willing to cheat if necessary.

Being Cute Isn’t Going To be A Long Way

An ESPN reporter got suspended over a video that resurfaced a week ago berating a parking attendant. In the video, she was expressing with an air of superiority because she’s famous, while the parking attendant was bullied for her physical appearance, her lack of education and insulting the business she’s in. First of all, Brittany “Britt” McHenry car was towed for parking illegally. Second, Brittany has NO right to disrespect this person who’s doing a honest living. Third… should I have to make a third? Brittany is just a decoration on ESPN, her good looks might gave her a few minutes in front of the camera for the sport jocks to jack off, but her lack of intelligence and common sense off camera is why she’s in hot water. Not only she’s suspended, but even her co-workers wants her fired instead. I guess, being a bimbo doesn’t guarantee job security after all…

’till next time!