Walmart’s Dark Side

Don’t get me wrong… there’s three locally owned supermarkets in this small town. I support them from time to time, if they have prices lower than Walmart prices, I will get it, I only buy the meats from them, but when it comes to make a shopping list, I had to go to Walmart.

But today there’s two news that bothers me. One of them, the most severe is the closing of 5 Walmart stores located in Texas, Florida, California and Oklahoma for no apparent reason, laying off 2,000 full time and part time employees. There’s speculations like for example, the most stupidest, the pluming issues which the state didn’t receive any permits during that time. And there’s another speculation that might be true, some of the stores including the one in California were the first to protest against Black Friday. Another one were asking for better wages and better conditions in the workplace.

In Making Change at Walmart it shows a detail account of an employee along with others for a higher wage at a now closed Paco Rivera store in California. And I think Walmart didn’t sit well with the movement so, instead of changing, they just shut it down to make a point that they’re NOT budging their wages. It’s their way, or the unemployment highway. Their tactics could be shutting it down for a few months, then re-open with new employees that won’t adhere with the unions. The place could be revamped a little, but that’s all that. It’s a new evil tactic to disperse what they think are the rioters.

Meanwhile, if you can’t protest… just steal.

A woman in Texas who worked for Walmart since 1982 was arrested for stealing $240,000 by just creating fake returns. And here’s the sad part, Nacina Walker did it for so long to help pay medical bills, helping her husband’s business and helping to care for her ailing parents. I just wonder if Walmart would care, why they didn’t raise it to 15 dollars an hour or make a living wage for this woman or anyone else? Why they don’t have programs to help these people instead of depending on the government to do it’s job? This woman lost it all now, by going to jail for a great amount of time and because of Walmart’s inability to spot this woman on time, before she reached the breaking bad point.

Now, that’s a challenge… supporting local businesses is somewhat of a hassle but I could try doing my shopping there even if I have to overspend or travel 50 miles to Grocery Outlet and the Dollar Store, because Walmart is playing bad with it’s employees.