The Downhill Battles of Black Single Mothers

Last week or so I found a crippling and horrible news about a Black mother who was going to be evicted from her home by officials, found two young bodies inside a freezer. It was so horrifying the way the media played out to vilify the mother without knowing why the reason she took that decision to end their lives. It was a constant lynching of this woman, Michelle Blair all over the news outlets that they forgot important clues and instead it was just the contrary. Just because she’s Black, just because she look like a hoodlum, just because she’s ugly inside and out.

But enough of the bashing and get into the real. In the video on youtube during a custody hearing of the two remaining kids, she threw all her anger and blame at one of her baby daddies who showed up despite he owned child support. He didn’t attend his own child birthdays, or taking out to the park or anything that fathers do for their children. But he attended the hearing to at least have custody of the rest of her children. Yes, the plot thickens. Having four kids is very hard, is much harder when there’s no family support and much harder when the woman has endured decades of physical and sexual abuse without proper psychological help. A few of the news outlets showed it, and now their children endured what she experienced first hand. And there you have it, two kids dead because they abused their youngest siblings and also Michelle didn’t control her anger because that’s how she was raised.

It’s unfortunate that the Black community instead of pointing the finger and ask for the death penalty for this woman didn’t consider why she grown up that way and try to help and heal her. Not even just one, but every single Black mother who a lot of times are overburdened, while the men who had sex with them are just having a great time, forgetting their mistakes and committing new ones. Pointing the finger at the woman is just easy, but her family who caused it who are washing their hands and call it quits are more guilty, responsible pieces of this puzzle.

It takes two to tango, Takes two to make the dance and takes a small village to cause a fire.