I have been ill for a couple of days… again, but I’m going to give you guys my 50 cents and some change of this subject again of a white cop killing an unarmed black man.

Now, this time is a 50 year old man named Walter Scott who got killed from the back by police officer Michael Slager and at that time of the killing, someone posted what happened on youtube. Now, it’s plain murder. After hundreds of unjustified murders in the past now they find something that can address as a killing? South Carolina, isn’t going to be like Ferguson or LA, so, to avoid another riot they decided, “oh, well, lets put this guy behind bars, so we can avoid a war zone of grand proportions.” And so they did, they charged the police officer with first degree murder and terminated (but don’t know if it’s with pay or without) from his post.

That’s, my friends and enemies, that’s swift! But if they do that in the past instead of the waiting game to then wait again for the most common results of “not guilty” then it would be justice for the fallen unarmed Black men and women dead at the hands of the heartless cops.