Wasted Heart

Two years ago a Black teenage boy was in severe need of having a heart transplant, but the Children’s Hospital in Atlanta denied their request because of his non-compliance with the rules and certainly his criminal record. But his family fought hard because he was their son and they would do anything to have him live a little bit longer. So, they succeed, and the hospital didn’t have no other option to giving the transplant.

Now, Anthony Stokes is dead in a worst case scenario by fleeing police in a car chase that lost control of his car that he stole and hit to a curb while injuring a pedestrian ending his life. I just wonder, where are his family in all this? Did they took care of him after the doctors gave him a heart? Now let the outrage from whiteys began as the column of the USA today in the comments section were full of words like:

“SOB!! Another needy person who was more deserving was denied to give this creep a chance to prove he was undeserving!”

“Thanks to this loser, a perfectly good heart was wasted instead of going to someone who actually deserved it.”

“Playing the race card to get their thug son a heart… this criminals parents are as selfish as he was…..”

Many comments and others are invading every comment section on news portals nationwide. But here’s the thing. If Anthony would be white, will they have the compassion to give him the heart? I think they would do it in a heartbeat. And if he did commit the same crime, they would say something like:

“He was “forced” to do it”

“He have a poor troubled soul”

Or in other words, they will have pity for his soul. Perhaps, they could make this person a saint.

But in Anthony Stokes’ case, it was just judging upon judges that being a black boy can’t be getting a second chance to even to live, to even to breathe upon this earth. Calling his parents opportunists, liars and moochers just to “defend” his “behavior” wasn’t appropriate. His parents did the obvious to save his life even thought his poor choices ruined those chances to becoming a productive member of society. For whatever reason, he should be improving, changing, evolving positively. Not going back the way he used to do. The reason is, why? Isn’t because he doesn’t have any friends with positive role models or morals? Isn’t because there’s isn’t effective community centers aimed at helping these Black kids stay away from the common path of crime? Isn’t because of his parents who wanted the 15 minutes of fame by posting themselves as the “victim” of racism, to have pity on their souls and perhaps have a little bit of extra money for themselves, not for the kid?

It’s pretty tragic on every ends. A life could be learning to live but instead he was taught to die. Parents grieving for their own selfishness. A community that doesn’t give a damn except when a white cop kills an unarmed Black man. And the rest… well, judging without knowing as usual.