Black Girls Rock?

First lady Michelle Obama attended an annual event from Black Girls Rock, a celebration of Black women achievements and accomplishments. Michelle was very enthusiastic on that “celebration” to the point of the attendees were giving her a standing ovation. She later spoke about black girls self-esteem with a little bit of  encouragement:

“No matter who you are, no matter where you come from, you are beautiful. I am so proud of you. My husband, your president, is so proud of you. We have so much hope and dreams for you.”

What dreams or goals will these Black girls has? Based on society, we don’t have none. The reality hit Black girls hard on the cold concrete floor as soon as they’re born. It’s a collection of name calling and bashing along with physical violence, sexual abuse to the point that when they’re adolescents, their hatred and resentment flows through. It’s very easy for Michelle to say those words, but there’s little action involving in helping Black girls to overcome their insecurities to get away with societies imposed stereotypes.

When it comes to improve Black girls self-esteem, they have to realize it is a very complex issue than making them feel special. It’s about three aspects: the color of their skin, their hair texture and their physical body. At least, there’s a lot of campaigns aimed at Caucasians girls to be proud of who they are in a world full of pressure from the media to be like a “sex” goddess in a cover of a magazine. Black girls are always ignored by it, but yet they get severally criticized and demeaned for their bodies, color and hair. Making society hate themselves purely, to the point of trying to erase their African features and replace it with European traits that doesn’t fit in their features.

It may seem positive than an organization like Black Girls Rock help girls from the inner-cities to develop their self-esteem and raising their confidence in the arts. Such as DJ-ing, dancing and some other art skills. But still, we have to be surely strong in other areas such as math, science, technology, law enforcement, to make these girls that they can accomplish even more than staying in a role that society has placed them. There’s a huge list of organizations that helps young girls overcome their insecurities and maximize their self-esteem. But to build their confidence and their power, it all starts in the comfort of their own home. If parents are resentful of having an unwanted pregnancy and came a girl into their lives, they will put all that negative energy towards that innocent baby. Not only that, but putting up at school, that girl is a subject of physical and emotional abuse for years. Combined with what the media shows on TV, Magazines and Music of negative images of the typical black women as loudmouth, overweight, oversexualized beings that has to rely on violence to feel good or to make their point across, sadly they believe that. Not only believe it but they take it to their heart and that’s the danger. It’s not only the media or society that teaches these girls to be broken, it’s the home.

If the parents teach these girls to be confident, to be independent (without the feminism ideology), to have their self-esteem high, to have their chin up, they will be unstoppable. They will set our minds into it and conquer it without obstacles, they will be superior. To make Black Girls to Rock they surely have to do these things instead of allowing the media and society ruin their spirit.