Mistaken Role?

It’s a short story.

A Black Woman got arrested over the excuse that she was hiding drugs which in fact the NYPD didn’t find any illicit drugs in her car, causing her BMW to be impounded.

When she was going to pick up the car she was caught in a altercation with the police that ended up in a mental ward in Harlem. And during her stay, against her will, they were drugging her with drugs that didn’t need to take along with group sessions for almost a week. In their diagnosis they were stating she was delusional and bipolar and tried to convince her to deny who she really was. But there’s one very heartless mistake. This lady was a banker for Citibank, and now she’s a rapper. After a week of torture, she was let go without apologizing for her mistake, and handed a medical bill to her name for $12,000.

Now, Akilah Brock is suing the city of New York for unspecified damages and surely it comes in handy after all the treatment and humiliation this young woman faced, endured under the speculation that she was a drug dealer, or a sugar mama or unemployed, perhaps she was stealing a BMW. What’s wrong is the racial profiling in the city, which is the common denominator in racial intolerance and inequality? Another thing is the assumption that this young lady isn’t a banker, but assuming she’s an unemployed single mother who doesn’t deserve to drive a BMW and deserve all the bad treatment for her so-called bad choices. But the apple don’t fall from the tree when it comes to investigate who is this person first and ask questions later. If they didn’t find any drugs, why the hell they impounded the car and arrested her without a motive other than the color of her skin? Why the doctors involved in her “treatment” didn’t investigate her background on the same day and instead left her there to suffer for 8 days and then let her go? What is their motive? Because honestly it’s something NYPD covering their indiscretions and they’re making this innocent hard working woman pay for something she didn’t do.

Just like any Black People out there that are making a name for themselves in other areas that white people don’t believe they can’t do, there’s always the stereotype that Black people specially women of color can’t amount to anything in their lives. And always have that believe that Blacks have to be in a specific area to be something, while the white supremacy wants to conquer it all, even our lives.

There’s a handful of successful men and women who excel in unconventional roles such as doctors, chiropractors, air pilots, motivational speakers who just went against all odds and obstacles to achieve their dreams. But an aggressive insight from white supremacy control, is deterring so much of our Black youth to the point of breaking their dreams, their hopes and make them believe that the way to go is to sports, entertainment and music or a life of crime at the penal system.