Short Notices

Doesn’t You Wish You were In Jail?

After killing Trayvon Martin, people would believe that this jackass will get life in jail or some death penalty. But the reality of the issue is that he wasn’t charged for the murder, instead he was set free and even so, he still make headlines with his erratic violent behavior. Now, the reason of his behavior based from George Zimmerman is because of Obama. Are you serious? So, that’s means that Obama push you to pull the trigger to kill Martin, made you throw a sissy fit towards your ex-wife and also have traffic violations with the law. And compare his selfish struggles with Anne Frank? That’s appalling and ignorant. No one is chasing your ass to kill you, Mr Zimmerman. It’s you who caused a mother to live without her son, it’s you who destroy your marriage and it’s you who literally screw it up. It is you and you alone. So, how’s your price of freedom, huh? Not pleasant? Well, get ready for more!

Take it OFF!

Angelina Jolie brave decision of removing her uterus as a preventive measure is a bold one. First, she removed her boobs after the doctor noticed an anomaly in one of them and now the uterus and fallopian tubes she took away because of Cancer fears. She can do this because of money. But there’s a lot of women out there who can’t afford such a procedure and they have to die because of the lack of money and Obamacare is making it surely impossible to do so. Doesn’t seem fair that  a woman could want to remove her boobs or uterus without the out of pocket expense? Celebrities have it easy, I say.

No Matter How Talented Black People are They Still Call Us Names

Mo’Ne Davis is a talented softball player and she’s only 13 years old. Her motivation and drive got into the attention of Disney to make a movie about her life. The sad part however, there’s still white assholes trying to ruin Black’s triumph because or either is envy or plain ignorance. Joey Casselberry  got suspended over a twitter comment a few days ago stating:

“Disney is making a movie about Mo’ne Davis? WHAT A JOKE. That slut got rocked by Nevada.”

The issue is no matter how hard working this young lady or any young gentleman who is African-American, no matter how much sweat and tears had been dropped, there’s still jackasses trying to sabotage their success. But Davis didn’t hate the bastard, instead she was practicing mercy, because is in her character. And the public applaud her even more to the point of giving her a standing ovation for her beliefs. She wrote an email to President David L. Soltz making him reconsider about his decision of suspending Joey for writing it. I just hope that Mr. Soltz will teach him a lesson in tolerance instead.

Deadly Secrecy

The tragic plane crash up at the France Alps was as shocking as any. But the real reasons why the flight descended without notifying tower control of any problems to then obliterated in pieces it’s as weird as looking yourself in a distorted mirror. Captains and co-pilots should get a strict psychological and medical tests along with drug screenings to make flights safer. It doesn’t has been implemented or mandated ever since, but why they didn’t catch this guy on time to get into that flight? Why the doctor in charge didn’t send a fax of the test from the co-pilot Andreas Lubitz to the Germanwings HQ? It seems to me that giving him the letter stating that he was unfit to work, and not sending it to it’s HQ was a plain mistake. What’s the illness that he was covering for so long? It is a terminal disease, it is mental? If it’s mental or terminal doesn’t suppose for him to stay on the ground? It is tragic but yet, there’s no mandatory regulations that can make unfit pilots retire and make passengers safer.