The Hanged Man

Three days ago on CNN a man missing in Mississippi was found under the most humiliating circumstances. His head was covered with his hands loosed and his neck broke after he was hanged up on a tree 500 yards away from his former residence. The man Otis Byrd was a ex-convict for the killing of a woman in 1980 and was awarded parole in 2006, after that he became an outstanding citizen turning his life around church, family and work. But that was out of the ordinary when they file a missing report a few days after noticing. He didn’t show any signs of depression based on reports by members of his family.

Now the reality sinks in. How can a hard working man end up hanged? It is racially motivated? It is foul play by someone who is related to the victim that has a grudge for years because he murdered this woman? The answers are there. But instead of fixing the issue, some organizations are spoiling the real investigation. Like the NAACP, who are demanding the authorities to “immediately investigate the hanging death of Otis Bryd.” But still, is inconclusive that could end up with the daunting result that it wasn’t foul play and trying to label it as a suicide. Right now, to avoid another Ferguson, they are willing to close the case as a suicide and get on with their lives. It is a tragic incident that a man’s life who was free and bother no one, was finished under shameful and once again violent aftermath.

What is shameful is it’s 2015, it’s been decades that whites supposedly stop lynchings towards African-Americans particularly in the South, but after recent events racial tensions are getting worst and it could end up in a Civil war. And they’re trying to cover it up big time to avoid it, no matter if people are unable to find out the real truth.