The Never Ending Troubles of Suge

I feel pity for Suge. Although all the problems he encountered with the law in the past, I knew these problems were going to catch up with him. Now, a battered Suge Knight collapses in the courtroom after the judge toss him a bail of 25 million dollars. He have the money, the problem however is why that much? Isn’t because they just want to keep him behind bars? Or isn’t because he’s black?

When there’s a lot of hit and runs involving rich privileged white kids at the hands of the wheel which ends in the defendants were giving them probation, this rap mogul instead didn’t have it easy for killing one person and injuring another during a hit and run at a restaurant in Compton. It was easy for the judge to make the decision of posting and expensive bail so he can’t get out free without knowing the facts of the case.

In the video, there were three people including the victim and Knight who stopped to order something at the drive-thru. Then, a man named Cle “Bone” Sloan approached the SUV and started a confrontation with Knight. After a few seconds of tussling, Knight back off his SUV hitting Bone and later hit Terry Carter, a former rap record label owner, by running his tires on top of his body killing him and running away from the scene. For my understanding, this isn’t a premeditated murder, instead it was self-defense since in the TMZ video shows the gun that “Bone” carried and was meticulously hidden from one of his “homeboys” after the incident. The Judge, I think, didn’t see that, instead he was more interested in placing that bail on his head for the “fear” he may escape to some foreign country. Instead of looking at the reason why Knight did this he was instead focusing on his not so good criminal record and there you have it. Like any Black man, without a reasonable explanation and a fair trial, Suge is trapped in jail even if he have money. The white man sure is going to make sure this person will experience once again the corrupt jail system! Meanwhile, other white men who killed pedestrians in hit and run some under the influence, are giving a chance to walk free in the streets. Ain’t this country sweet?