I’m NOT Clear About It

Two nights ago while on my end of my shift at work, I received a voicemail and it was my husband having his vein ruptured again and he’s in the Hospital around town. So, I just went out, walked a few blocks and I caught him outside the entrance. Since he didn’t eat we decided to go at Subway.

As I enter the place I noticed a familiar face in a weird ensemble. Even thought that person was wearing the regular Subway uniform, the make up was exaggerated, the hair wasn’t normal and the body wasn’t correct with the female anatomy, plus there’s a noticeable sign at the throat that can difference men and women. In the tag was named “Roberta” (not a real name), but the physical attributes wasn’t correct. As that person was serving these sandwiches, I couldn’t stop but looking at it. In the end, I just came to the conclusion that yes, indeed was an ex co-worker of mine, and yes,  he got into the transition from male to female, and sadly I heard rumors of this person doing inappropriate things with a child and the police dept. in this small town can’t do anything about it.

This is my whole dilemma about transgender community and the normals. Although not of them aren’t bad, disturbed individuals, it’s finally hitting in small towns and now it’s hitting mainstream with the introduction of Jazz Jennings to be the spokesperson for Clean and Clear products, and the controversy involving Bruce Jenner transitioning into a woman, that is a sign of achievement from the Trans community. But the reality of it, for normal folk, it’s uncomfortable. The issue of which bathroom trans people can go to relieve themselves is a hassle, specially when a person goes on a gym and have to deal with a male dressed as a female when they suppose to go on their assigned restroom changing. For that, that woman has been shamed beyond recognition and barred from the gym instead of barring this transgender person or accommodate it.

Since, gays are allowed to be married, and have the same rights as straight people, now transgenders wants the same rights? Rights to what? To pretend they’re females or males without their right genitalia? To go on the bathroom they choose? To be themselves? I mean, we have been tolerated enough and this “This is who I am” crap is making me annoyed. Why transgenders are so aggressive now about making a point and coming out of the bathroom? Can they know the meaning, take private issues in the comfort of your own home? Because I truly don’t care. It’s not my problem you’re “trapped” in the wrong body. How can your problem or issue is pushed for all people to tolerate it, when in fact is grossing them out?