Short Notices

Sigma Alpha Epsilon Update

Yesterday after I post my thoughts into the issue, I decided to gather more insights and accounts of what happened with the sonority that the president of the University of Oklahoma David Boren, shut down after they post an offensive video on youtube full of racial slurs and race hate. The decision yesterday of shutting it down, wasn’t enough since they should be held accountable for their actions. But today, Boren decided to expel these students who cause this. Sadly, he expelled only two. Just two? The video showed there weren’t two people singing it, was the bus was crowded with men and women singing instead. Doesn’t suppose he can expel these culprits too? Still, it’s just a slap on the wrist and carry on. I’m not surprised with the outcome. And started a whole ripple effect. The Black Chef from SAE for 15 years who is unemployed, Howard Dixon. And a football prospect that immediately changed his mind about signing with the University of Oklahoma football team, Jean Deleance who’s is a offensive lineman from Mesquite, Texas and opt to go to Alabama instead.

Trash is Trash

When will be the day that Kim Kardashian will go away from civilization? Now, the “actress” “model” and “mother” of Northwest, changed her hair color to blonde. Why? I don’t know… to look like those Beverly Hills pill popping happy addicts? It’s rather an eyesore as much to see her in that shade of color. The only thing I just want to see is that she goes away from the spotlight. Just a thought.

Finally… My Own Things

Last week, we added a new member of our family. Phoebe, is a 9 month old chocolate brown Chow mix. We adopted her from the Humane Society in Idaho two weeks ago. And she’s adopting really well in her new environment. She’s a nice hairy bundle of joy and she’s the princess of the house. Who can’t say no to this sweetie?

Another thing: I got rid of Rent-a-Center. I finally bought two computers (one laptop and one gaming pc) and a Dryer. I got fed up with them. Just because I used to have bad credit doesn’t mean that I deserve to pay high prices every month because of it. The dryer however was that the old one we had, died and have to call them until we got enough money to get a new one. But the way Rent a Center handled it, it was like we just an inconvenience instead of a benefit so. I just cut ties with them for good. Now, I got my own things and I don’t have to pay every month. So in the end I save money, so I can pay the high fees from the car insurance. If it’s not one, it’s another.

Anyway… that all I can give for now. Enjoy your Tuesday!