You Can Cut the Leaves but Not The Roots

This morning after a few days sick with the flu bug, I checked on the news and it was just the same ol’, same ol’ stuff about police killing another unarmed Black man, name calling, natural hair shaming and now this. A fraternity in Oklahoma of all places has been shut down by the University President for a video they posted on Saturday where white privileged students were chanting a song with racial slurs against Blacks.  This is not new, folks! It has been there since the beginning and now they’re posting it on youtube? Is that bright from these “intelligent” students to do so? Stupid is, stupid does… But it goes deeper than allowing to post this offensive video for all the whole wide world to see. Oklahoma as many of the states from the south that still has the roots of racism embedded in it and it’s impossible to let it go. Not only they have that air of superiority still alive and well but the “diversity” isn’t existent or pretending they get along with Blacks with a huge failure rate when they have been teaching their young generation that minorities including Black people are inferior, they can’t amount to anything, they’re criminals, dirty mongrels that has to be wiped from the planes of the earth. And that’s plain humiliating that still in this advanced century the roots of racism is still growing in the south to the point we have a huge ugly tree.

They could shut down sonorities, they could hold prayers and vigils and be all sad and embarrassed about it, but still if the roots aren’t torn out of the tree, it still grows. In the sense that if racism is still rampant,  why the hell they think is wrong to demean a certain group of race when they have been doing it behind closed doors for centuries?

If these “intelligent” youngsters didn’t post this video on youtube, life could go on like nothing happened and these kids will be CEO’s, presidents of some company, Managers and maybe certain government officials and guess what? They can discriminate who they hire, making excuses that Black people don’t have the right “credentials” to earn that job position. But thanks for Social Media, these guys will be soon to be flipping burgers or being a severe burden to their rich family.

But what do you guys think, because honestly this isn’t the first time or the last that a certain group of people sing offensive songs in the bus going to a sonority party. They should be not only have their sonority closed, but to expel the ones responsible from the University and waste their hatred elsewhere.

But still this will show what? A slap on the wrist and there you go without any consequences? This incident could change some but not eliminating the deep roots of racism.