This Makes me Laugh… a Little

The stereotyping and misunderstanding of how Black People deal with their daily lives to survive, seem a never ending routine battle. Cataloging as lazy, criminals, overweight individuals who can’t even get a decent job and they have to sustenance themselves getting government aid such as food stamps is always an stigma that has to be corrected and eliminated. We have been judged unfairly every day from the moment we wake up to the moment of sleep. But this story brings the light and the believe that we are more than what society thinks of us. A so called republican leader of the Mississippi state legislature commented that “All African-Americans in his town of Walls, Mississippi are on Food Stamps.” To make this assumption is ridiculous since the Huntington Post added a chart indicating otherwise.

Gene Alday, also commented that he comes from a town that all the Blacks were getting Food Stamps and what he calls “Crazy Welfare Checks,” they don’t work.  He ended saying to add dirt on his casket, “I liked to died. I laid in there for hours because they (blacks) were in there being treated for gunshots.” What a sentiment… but here’s the thing… He was talking about the crisis in Education in Mississippi schools that third graders are in danger of repeating the grade. How come stereotyping have to do with the crisis in Education? This man is seriously losing his brain. But, seriously do you think that Blacks are lazy that have to be relying on food stamps? Not so much in this chart!

And it’s nothing new coming from a jackass politician that instead of solving real issues, blames and entire minority for his failures. Oh well, I think he could resign and live in Florida for all I care…