Body & Color Conscious

Three days ago I checked in some mornings the news and on it featured a photo of a “overweight” Black woman sitting on a chair that is too small for her size. On the tittle it says “Is This is the New Poster Child for 3rd Wave Feminism?” As I read the co-called column, my anger was at it’s boiling point. I listened to his radio program, not everyday, but it always telling about conspiracy theories involving vaccines, corruption involving the government and the dangers of capitalism. But it’s not only the column that angers me, it’s the comments below that seriously took my toll into not listening to this clown anymore. Comments like:

“She’s Fat”
“She’s Disgusting”
“She’s Stinks”
“She’s Nasty”
“Fat Cow”
“Jabba the Slut”

This is some of their opinions of what they see a black woman with extra hips sitting on a chair. The woman in the photo is Mikel Ruffinelli, who lives in California, married and have three kids. What they don’t put in the “report” is that she have a physical condition named Lipedema which is a chronic illness that accumulates fat tissue in the legs, hips and belly and it activates in puberty and more commonly on after pregnancy. People make up wrong up assumptions and judged this woman without knowing the facts. Mikel stated that “I just think that society hasn’t learned that it needs to make things bigger. It’s ok to make things bigger. What’s the problem?” And then everybody went haywire over that comment and criticized her for being overweight, fat, lazy, and play the name calling name on social media. She’s NOT lazy, since she’s working on getting a degree in Psychology and she’s a plus sized model and she got in the Guinness Book of Records for having the world’s biggest hips. I don’t see how she’s labeled all those cruel names acting like bullies without knowing the real facts.

Another issue of this column is exaggerating the story to make an impact. Focusing on feminism with poor health choices to make a point that isn’t true. Mikel wasn’t talking about feminism and neither making poor health choices although her calorie intake is almost 3,000 a day. She specifically make a fact that many plus sized women and men experienced when it comes to fashion, accommodations and other issues that society  have to be a little bit emphatic about their needs. Not everyone who’s overweight can’t lose weight in a day, can’t afford bariatic surgeries to try to eat less and can’t do exercise because of their knees or other conditions. And being overweight isn’t a path of self-pity, giving up their physical appearance, but one of the causes of medication or physical problems caused by puberty or pregnancy on some of the causes. Not 100% are just poor eating habits.

So, instead of judging a person for being a feminist, fat and lazy, find the right sources and debunk it. Stop making immediate conclusions and start finding the real source and reasons.