Why Black Kids Always the Rotten Apples?

Days ago on different media outlets showed a picture of a child before and after photos after a barber offered a free “Benjamin Button Special” for free three days a week for unruly kids. Sadly, the first photo that came to the spotlight is a black kid.


Society always spoils Caucasian children ever since birth, spoiled and pamper them, giving them words of comfort and security while the black child always using the rod, given them hurtful words, not giving them in many cases what they need, abandoning them for hours or days at a time, always a burden, never a blessing. And in the end, they believe it. By putting this photo of a black child being the laughingstock for social media to enjoy and bully, it seems that society puts black kids to never amount to anything except being punished even for things and issues they didn’t caused while Caucasian children mostly get away with it. Did these parents know that excessive punishment will lead to a child with low self-esteem, defiance towards authorities and their parents, ending up in the never ending jail system or even worst?

And what’s worst why Black children are cursed into the path of destruction by the lack of love, caring, responsibility and the lack of living a world that the color of their skin doesn’t matter? But, sadly when push comes to shove, at the end of the day, the media anyway shows black kids to be the first to be “disciplined,” humiliated and ashamed than other races. Doesn’t they need to be loved, appreciated, valued first than always cataloging as the bad seed, the unruly, the violent?