The Good, The Bad and the WTF in Superbowl Ads

This year I spent a good hour or so to watch all the ads that were posted on youtube on their section of adblitz and this year sucked… ballz… I have to take every single ad with a grain of salt and tried to be honest but polite about it. But in the end… there’s always somethings that really screw it up… I handpicked ignoring the movie trailers, and NBC shows focusing on just ads.

The Good

Nissan: “With Dad”
Plot: A heartwarming story of fatherhood where a father welcomes his son, to later balance his career to taking care of his son and his family and ending up in hugging his teenage son.
What’s Interesting: The song “With Dad” by Harry Chapin along with great performance by the actors seems to get a long way to describe the ups and downs of the traditional family values.  It’s surely wants me to buy a Nissan too…

Snickers: “The Brady Bunch”
Plot: A segment of the classic show The Brady Bunch starring not other than Danny Trejo and Steve Buscemi.
What’s Interesting: They did everything perfect from the sound quality to the color of that era… including Trejo roughness and Buscemi bitchiness making this ad funny.

GrubHub: “Because Burrito”
Plot: A Flying Burrito hitting the heads of callers causing mayhem and chaos followed by a deep voiced announcer.
What’s Interesting: Odd and funny and a few concussions.


Doritos: “When Pigs Fly”
Plot: A kid develops a rocket to make a pig fly because of a challenge.
What’s Interesting: Good chemistry between the grown up and the kid with special effects make it one of a wacky kind.

Runner ups: Bud light-Real Life PacMan and Newcastle-Band of Brands, Dove Men+Care-#RealStrength, Lexus-Let’s Play, Loctite Glue-Positive Feelings, Turbo Tax-Taxes Ad, Coca Cola-#MakeItHappy, Skittles-Settle It, Budweiser-Lost Dog, Fiat 500X-Blue Pill

Now for the So and So

BMW: “Newfangled Idea”
Plot: Bryant Gumbel and Katie Couric in a segment from 25 years ago talking about the internet and now they’re talking and asking about the new BMW i3 which is a electric car.
Here’s the deal: The idea seems good between the past and the present but it didn’t show what’s the capabilities of that car BMW is promoting. I have to look at it online to find out it’s a fully electric car. It clearly missed it’s mark at some point.

Carls Jr: “Au Naturel”
Plot: A naked model walks around a group of men speaking about loving to be eating natural beef.
Here’s the Deal: Sexual innuendos are so done with. It’s not attractive or funny at all. It was better if they put “Carls Jr: Fuck You! I’m eating!”

Geico: “Push It”
Plot: Salt and Pepa cameo as rapping their hit song “Push It.”
Here’s the Deal: Geico ads were funny, wacky and sometimes absurd. But this one, they missed the mark. It felt that their magic is starting to fade. Meanwhile Salt and Pepa could do more than singing one line of their song.

Eat24: Super Bowl Commercial 2015
Plot: Snoop as a spokesperson while Gilbert Gottfried the comical relief in this short ad.
Here’s the Deal: What is Eat24? It didn’t show what’s about except it will relief your hunger in a very missed funny concept… Pass!

So and So Runner up: T-Mobile-Data Vulture, McDonalds-Pay with Lovin’, American Family Insurance-Big Game Spot, Sprint-Super Apology, Clash of Clans-Revenge, Dodge-Wisdom, Doritos-Middle Seat, Kia Sorento-The Perfect Getaway, Mercedes-Fable, Carnival Corporation-Come Back To the Sea, Weight Watchers-All You Can Eat,

The Bad

Avocados From Mexico: #FirstDraftEver
Plot: Million Years Ago humanity was held their first draft and Mexico choose avocados.
WTF: No comments except my brain cells were killed after I watched this disaster.

Victoria Secret: Ad Superbowl
Plot: Victoria models exhibiting their abs and chests and behind in suggestive poses.
WTF: No diversity? Seriously! There’s no even one Black Chick in there! Seems like a sex shop than a so-called lingerie shop. “Working”
Plot: A hard working man doing some stuff on his desk, while the announcer talks about it.
WTF: The puppy ad was pulled and replaced with this. They used to be putting rounchy, tacky and sexist ads featuring Danica Patrick but after the backlash with the puppy ad, they decided to please the political correctness by doing this ad. Seems dull, lifeless and clueless. They became the biggest losers of the Superbowl ads this year. Shame, shame…

Toyota: “My Bold Dad”
Plot: A father sacrifice his own to give his daughter the support, love and understanding she needs until she’s shipped up to the military.
WTF: It was better is she gets married or go to college rather than going to the meat grinder to suffer. This is plain government agenda to tell parents it’s okay to ship your kids to the military to die or become disabled. The ad was good until that scene.

Always: “#LikeAGirl”
Plot: Real people displaying the misconceptions what it is to be a girl running, throwing and fighting and showing what “real girls” do.
WTF: Pushing feminism up the ante. Girls can do anything except taking care of their children and husband… pretty sad.

T-Mobile: “KimsDataStash”
Plot: Kim Kardashian acting as a spokesperson.
WTF: Awful! Can she just go away?
T-Mobile: “Sarah Silverman & Chelsea Handler for Wi-Fi Calling”
Plot: Both stars having a conversation using Wi-Fi and appearing on certain situations.
WTF: Strike Two! Sucked either way


Dishonorable Mentions: Budweiser-Brewed the Hard Way, Jeep-Beautiful Lands, Redfin: The World Has Changed, Game of War-Who I Am, Northrop Grumman-Hangar Ad

To See all the ads and cast your vote go to AdBlitz 2015 on YouTube.