Like Mother… Like Daughter

I found out yesterday on CNN that Bobbi Christina, the daughter of late singer Whitney Houston has been found in the tub in her home in Atlanta unresponsive and with no pulse. Now tragedy is following this “family” again. What strikes me is the what ifs that circled my mind that actually can be addressed to one issue. What could happen if Whitney shouldn’t met this asshole who corrupt her mind and destroy her reputation and career and introduced her to the “wonderful” world of drugs? I think she would be alive. I think she would be making albums or producing new comers into the music industry. Perhaps she could be a great mother. She would be out of the negative spotlight, she would be a proper lady in music. But instead, she became the laughingstock, the openly drug user who can’t even stand up or have her mind straight. All because she married Bobby, the so-called “bad boy” in R&B in the early 90’s. Who literally was mooching out of her fame since his wasn’t at par with her, and couldn’t make a solid album or a song in decades. Bobby destroyed her career so bad destroying her trademark voice to the point that she have to rely to autotune to revive it. But the damage is already done. After he broke her spiritually and mentally, financially with no money in her account, he just moved on to someone more broke than his ass.

There’s two probabilities to this story… Or either she’s dead or either she will survive like a vegetable… Tragic on both sides.