Short Notices

The truth will set you screwed…

A New Jersey family started their own twitter campaign to demand United Airlines an apology over not letting her disabled daughter to sit on their lap in their flight back to the states. Elit Kirschenbaum “complained” their “humilliating” ordeal with the flight attendant over wanting to let her daughter who has Spastic Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy to sit on her lap instead of sitting on her own. But here’s what doesn’t add up. While her family bought first class, her daugher Ivy was assigned to coach. So, why they didn’t bought her a seat near them? Why they expect for United to owe an apology when they put Ivy on coach to make other passengers miserable over drama? Shouldn’t they owe an apology too for disrupting their flight? By the way, children older than 2 must have their own seat, for security reasons. What happens if there’s a severe turbulence and Ivy is in her mom’s lap? These people are surely selfish attention whores.


Black Lives Matter protesters demands

I read it, and surely police department is a corrupt institution, but more insulting is their orthographic errors in this pamphlet that annoys me the most. I’m sorry, to make an effective means of communication you must, spell checked your words. I know their intentions are aggressive towards the police department, but with these errors don’t know if a drop out wrote this or what else.


It’s insane that a “bright” woman would put a unsafe gun in her purse to let her 2 year old play with it inside Walmart in Hayden, Idaho to then accidentally shoot and kill his own mom. It’s also insane that Veronica J. Rutledge didn’t put security locks in her gun to protect herself and others in cases such as this. It’s insane that some people are sympathetic with her surviving family, when it’s her own fault. What’s she was protecting against? Why the issue with carrying a gun like the wild west specially in the Northwest? If you carry a damn gun, you should have the damn safety device on, dumbass! Carry your gun permit with you, or leave it to authorities if you feel threatened. Get a tazer instead! Irony is the mother of all screw ups!

Twisted Sister

Before the end of the year, a teenager commits suicide not because of depression or bullying but simply because of his parents. Leelah Acorn jumped in front of a semi-truck causing her demise after writing a suicide letter blaming her strict parents for not letting her into the path on being a transgender girl. There’s a huge mistake on deciding what’s best for their kids and what’s best for what belief they’re in. Sadly, her parents were ignoring the fact that being transgender isn’t demon manifestation or an act of sin. It’s a condition that has to be properly addressed with respect and dignity, not with judgement. These parents tried to help him to eradicate his “sinful” nature instead of accepting it and there you have it. Not only they lost their son, but they’re labeled bigots on social media.

Jilted? Trash Your Dress

A woman in Tenessee was jilted five days before the wedding by her fiancee. Instead of feeling sorry for herself, she instead trashed her expensive wedding dress and posted her story and photos for the social media to see. This is not the first time that a woman gets jilted by a jackass. Even I got jilted and sure it was painful, but I overcame it. Being jilted isn’t the end of the damn world… that means the guy obviously isn’t ready for commitment. There’s a lot of guys and gals to be starting your relationship with. Trashing the dress, however isn’t about empowerment… it’s about seeking attention. I for once slammed my engagement ring with a hammer and burn his letters… it didn’t make me feel better… So why trashing the dress when she could give that dress to charity? There’s a lot of couples that can’t afford to get married, but they want to make it right. Trashing your dress isn’t the best alternative. Perhaps donating it would be best?