This Isn’t Funny!

I’m back from a small period of rest… I want to be as far away as I can… But back to basics…

WTF is going on Sony and Microsoft?

Yesterday on my day off due to Christmas, I placed my Dragon Age: Inquisition on my PS4 and it was loading and loading to no avail. After 3 or 4 minutes, I just unplugged the internet cord on it and I played the game offline. I didn’t care about multiplayer. I care about doing my adventures and completing missions or quests. As I ejected the disc and placed the internet cable back on, as soon as I put The Crew, the same thing happened. But this time, The Crew isn’t an offline game, it requires internet connection to play it. I was pissed. My husband looked on information about if PSN is experiencing problems that caused it to shut down their servers. It turns out, a few minutes later, a group of losers called the Lizard Squad caused this by disrupting their servers to the point that users can’t access it. This is called Distributed Denial of Service Attack or DoSS. What I assume, this is nothing against Sony’s “The Interview” fiasco or Microsoft greedy tactics, this is about a group of nobodies that merely did something that could be placed on the most hated list of 2014. On Christmas, not only grow ups have these systems, but teenagers and a few kids wanted to get a glimpse of playing their favorite games and these jackasses ruined it.

Another thing that has to be emphasize directly. Sony and Microsoft, both has to be held accountable for two reasons. If they charge every player to get online on their PS4 and Xbox One, they have to protect their consumers and guarantee their service. Both services PS Plus and Xbox Live failed to deliver their service to it’s customers and it’s not the first time it happens. It has been a lot of issues with hackers Ddossing their servers that both companies should use that money to implement DdoS proof servers that run and work efficiently and create a method of identifying the culprit who is bound to attack it, report it to the FBI and proper authorities and the rest would be history. But in the meantime, if these services for being online on the new consoles continues to be interrupted, I think I will go back to my PS3 instead.

Third Issue. There’s a Hacker War going on. Lizard Squad destroyed their reputation by bragging their ego and think they’re all that and a pack of chips because they think just because they know how to write code they could rule the world. But the reality of it is that every action has it’s consequence. Actually they’re being hated by millions on their tweet accounts and on social media while two hackers Kim dotcom and a group called The Finest are trying their best to fix the issue with both servers. By the end of the night, PSN and Xbox servers were back online eventually, I mean some of their features.

But still, both the hackers, Sony and Microsoft played the Grinch and it’s not funny when some who want to escape the pressures of real life by playing videogames are now pressured to tell these jackasses to knock it off!