Short Notices

I’m in so and so shape after what happened last week with my illness but if I decided to take another week off, I may explode with all the info I have been reading and my opinions that mostly some are taking in for granted.

Sony Pulls The Interview

It’s an act of cowardly, plain and simple. Sony pictures afraid that their little secrets are coming out of the light? Afraid that on their premiere of the movie the cyber organization (not involving Anonymous) is going to do terrorist attacks? What this world is coming to? It’s just making fun of a dictator president, not doing it for real! It’s fictional! By pulling this movie, even thought could be a lackluster, Sony Pictures and United States are the cowards, while North Korea are celebrating like they’re the masters of the universe. Sony are indeed losing money for obeying their requests of not showing it. Well, if North Korea shows a movie about the President, should American hackers do the same?

Slavery Diaries

Black Parents from a Middle School in Hawthorne Middle School in California were offended by a school assignment from a white teacher telling these children to do a project being a slave. The project consists on a few parts including how to write as a slave, what’s their day in their life among other issues. Basically, how jackasses like this woman is teaching such a demeaning, offensive and traumatic event, not only for them, but for their ancestors who faced the cruel punishments, the extreme hard labor picking cotton or being servants, all while their women were bed wenches for centuries. There’s nothing fascinating in being portrayed a slave. They weren’t even able to write or read! The school district in fact, support this “teacher.” Oh, but they’re never a project on the Holocaust by being a Jew and write a journal about it, for educational purposes, right?

But, I’m not a Pedophile…

It just baffles me people still think that robbing girls innocence and then pretend nothing happened is fine. And then there’s this guy… Stephen Collins in a interview denies that he’s a pedophile. But as you might know the meaning of pedophile is:

Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children, generally age 11 years or younger.

As every man who have a sexual encounter with young children, he’s cataloged on that meaning. I don’t feel pity for him for one bit, neither the soon to be ex wife for posting their private conversations with the therapist. She’s guilty as hell, for not arresting him sooner, just because he’s the gold goose and without him she would be a single mother. It’s absolutely tragic that this couple instead of making amends and be accountable for their actions, they still want the 15 minutes of fame for raping little girls. It’s just sick.

Black Natural Hair can’t be Compared to an Animal

That’s what happened with Beyonce little sister Solange when In Touch Weekly make “fun” of her natural ‘fro comparing to a Poodle. The editors of In Touch Weekly should be having a new job soon after thousands were outraged by this photo.

Not only they’re ignorant, but also racist, foul and disrespectful. Black women’s hair should be respected, not because it’s not straight, but because is what we, black women have been born with it since birth. And sadly society tells us to ditch our ‘fro and try to be more euro centric which makes us feel more disgusted with our hair and with ourselves, by using chemicals, bleach it, straightened even further in the end we’re using wigs. It’s totally offensive that society is making Black women to “adapt” or be fun at if they don’t change our hair. The same with Gabby  the gymnast, The meteorologist Rhonda Lee, even Solange niece Ivy Blue are targets for showing their natural hair. But they don’t criticize their own.

Who The FUCK Invented this Clown Hair?

Until next time!