Black Lives Don”t Matter

In the following days after the Grand Jury choose not to charge former cop Darren Wilson for killing Michael Brown, all my thoughts came in my brain in less than two seconds with the words: “It figures.” It wasn’t the first or the last that a black man or woman gets killed for sport. For the believe that they’re nothing but an inconvenience. The believe that we’re the destroyers of their society. The believe of disdain, hatred just because of our color of our skin that frightens and in many cases angers them. Their beliefs of our “inferiority” because of the lack of opportunity and equality that could benefit our kind. But it seems how much we’re trying to be equal and getting along while minding our own business, there’s always something to draw us back to a place we definitely don’t belong. In the back of the bus. In the back of the train. In the bottom of the societal sketch of things for too long. No matter how high we’re trying to achieve there’s always obstacles and setbacks that have been planted to fall down to then get back on our feet and go back at the beginning.

But why we are hated? Why we cannot form our own civilization, our own world? Our own rules? If our lives matter, our history wouldn’t be biased on one privileged race of people, our rules shouldn’t be directed against us and our identity shouldn’t be stolen by them to make them look cool. Our women shouldn’t be subject to denigration, humiliation and self-hate. Our men shouldn’t be lost their leadership, their destiny and given their role as the attacker, the thug, the deadbeat. If our lives matter, it shouldn’t be insensitive murders, killings and lynchings not in 2014 but decades before. If our lives matter, they should be leaving us alone, developing our own world, our own laws, our own identity as a community. We should be strong and fierce, in the books and history, not in guns and violence. Our women should be treated like queens like precious jewels, our men honored.

If we continue to stand there in “diversity” we still waiting for an illusion of opportunity when there’s always a reason why we can’t go to the next level to be equal with others. And sooner we know we’re not part of the American Dream no matter of their illusion of being along side ways with their privileged race. If we don’t separate ourselves, we’re surely find out our Black Lives Won’t Matter to Them. Our lives will continue to be eliminated from our mother’s womb, to being killed after high school. It seems fair to me that if our lives matter, Michael Brown among others would be alive. But since all the injustice over the course of 50 years after the Civil Rights Movement we can’t convince them we can be equal among them. Since it won’t matter our lives to them, we can’t assume that their lives matters to us.