Short Notices

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun… Literally

A woman from the UK decided after meeting a stranger online, to fly (her expenses paid by the guy) to Australia to meet him for a 6 week vacation. The only problem however is that she have 6 kids from 14 years old to merely 3 years old. She figured a way to lied to her own kids by telling them she was going to the grocery store. Well, it has been 6 weeks of grocery shopping! After coming back, ignoring calls from police, grandparents who took care of the kids, she was arrested and sentenced for only six months in prison. The reason why she took a flight to enjoy her “vacation” it’s because she was in a abusive relationship. I never thought abusive relationship means also being a responsible single mother who sacrificed everything including her own dreams and desires to take care of her children. But I think along with other single mothers are not mature enough for that responsibility of handling a child on their own neither 6 kids like this woman has. To plan such an act, it’s really traumatic for her children. Why she didn’t call her parents to take care of them? Isn’t too much to ask? Single mothers now a days think they’re all tough by going to bars, having sex in many cases unprotected with strangers while getting welfare. They’re sacrificing their own kids for their own fun lifestyle. This isn’t right at all. If you cannot take care of your kids, put it on adoption or keep your legs closed!


Karma at it’s Best

Darren Wilson bad strikes continues to ravel as he resigned last week and the St. Louis police department will NOT give him any severance pay. I wonder how he’s going to support his family now since he have no job, and can’t depend fully on the “charity” by others who are more racist than he is. Honestly for an action there’s a reaction and for killing an innocent young man regardless of what he did or didn’t, he got what’s coming to him slowly but surely and he will be surely disappear from the spotlight. Do you guys think that he’s going to get away with murder? He could get away with it in the Missouri Grand Jury, but he can’t get away with the rule of thumb. An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, and not necessarily have to be literal.


Turkey Affair

This is more interesting than “Scandal!” A GOP staffer blasted first daughters Sasha and Malia Obama over the annual ceremony of pardon of the turkey before Thanksgiving. Elizabeth Lauten, communications director for Tennessee Rep. Stephen Fincher insulted the first daughters at her Facebook by saying:

The results are priceless, not only she got under fire for the comments that she later deleted on her Facebook but after the pressure of fucking it up, she resigned. Then again… who has more class? Not you, I suppose… by the comments you posted, definitely you are NOT a role model either. I wonder how do you get that job? It’s not about your “education” and “hard work”… What are your achievements beside being a party gal? How you ever think before you say offensive words for the media to see?

Elizabeth in her party days…


Got Class?

Black Guy as a Paratrooper? Get Used to IT? Not so Fast!

I saw the trailer for the upcoming Star Wars movie. In the beginning of the clip it shows a black guy as the paratrooper. And the critics are plenty. The actor portraying the paratrooper is John Boyega who is British who is flattered over the comments social media has gathered some positive and others offensive. The Star Wars universe is a very diverse but it’s strange that only two on the whole 6 part series are Black. The Jedi Master Mace Windu portrayed by Samuel L. Jackson and General Lando Calrissian portrayed by Billy Dee Williams are the only two black characters in the whole series which is pretty embarrassing, not only that there’s no black female characters in the movie but there’s little roles for Blacks as well. I think for my experience, Blacks are not taken seriously when it comes to be the characters in sci-fi movies because they think Blacks aren’t geeks. But showing just a Black actor portraying a character in Star Wars, seems to be a little bit backward when Star Trek features a female black woman portraying a communications officer, that is a forward step in the right direction. But still Star Wars producers needs a lot of work in being ahead of putting more diversity in their content, not only that but any sci-fi film. Not necessarily have to be with creatures with 40 heads or something, it has to be placing more color to their content, and not only 2 black men for every 6 movies they deliver.

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