It Figures…

Yesterday, I was not constantly looking at the news for the results of the Grand Jury in Missouri, I checked it from time to time. Around 9pm while playing Dragon Age: Origins on PS3, I finally checked on my phone on my CNN app. It was what I thought was happening it did occurred. The Grand Jury decided after a week or so of “deliberations,” Darren Wilson is NOT indited of any “crime.” My mind froze, but then again, the Jury didn’t see squat or have their own experience about a law officer killing their own son for a misunderstanding leaving his corpse for four hours uncovered for everyone to see, and the cop responsible for shooting six or seven times at his body should be paying for it. It’s actually, not fair that the media, of all sorts is monetizing their sensationalism displaying our anger and rage for entertainment, criticism and damage purposes. Not only that, three days ago, a different incident involving a white cop and a black kid, who the white cop shoot the 12 year old for carrying just a BB gun. But there’s more of that from any stories involving white cops in a prominent black neighborhoods and everyone of them deserve a fair trial. Police has to be held accountable for their actions, unless they feel threatened by the attacker in the form of lethal force. The results are catastrophic, when Police Department with the lack of resources and their lack of effective methods in handling crimes do the unthinkable such as ending a life when that life isn’t a threat.

Just remember, Missouri as any state in the south is prominently racist in terms of their deep roots involving slavery and their disregards for minorities. So it’s very impossible to impose diversity when there’s none. Their tactics are simple, to denigrate a certain minority to look bad… and Missouri had won in displaying them like senselessness “animals” breaking windows, burning cars and buildings and disobeying even the national guard. The town of Ferguson isn’t the same after that. It has been turned into a war zone. Meanwhile, Michael Brown family are destroyed… but Darren is happy living the free life in his hometown… or so he thinks. It’s an embarrassment to our nation that we still have racist roots against minorities specially Blacks, and the only solution right now sadly is going back to segregation.

If we cannot move on united, we have to be separated to go our own way without government intervention or help.

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