Scrooged and Dimed

Walmart does it again to damaged it’s already ruined reputation as the most hatred company towards it’s employees and the US. I never heard such a company that treats it’s employees like crap, humiliating them to work on days that obviously have to spend, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas for little less on the dollar. In the prior years there’s a common practice that employees have to donate their own food to other co-workers. And this year a store in Oklahoma decided to put empty boxes not for the needy families in their community but for employees who are pay a little above pay working part-time. This isn’t right! This is a mere salt on the wound for a few millions Americans working in a company that only the Walton Clan benefits.

How come a low-paid employee gives something he can’t even give to another low-paid co-workers? I don’t even get the sense of that! And it’s not only on Thanksgiving, but on a daily basis, these employees who sacrifice their time, have to rely on government assistance because their wages aren’t enough to support their families. Even if it’s a few cents above the minimum wage, if they don’t work 40 hours a week, it’s not enough of a paycheck for paying their responsibilities. Some had high paying jobs before and they’re stuck working at Walmart because either working for them or being homeless because of the lack of jobs. In the documentary “Walmart:The High Cost of Low-Price” there’s stories of people denying any type promotion because of their race or sex, destroyed small businesses and harmed the community. Not only that, Walmart is the only place that won’t allow any union groups to form that can help employees have better work conditions with respect and dignity.  If the Waltons would donate at least 10% of their $144.7 billion of their net worth to it’s employees by giving them a deserving raise, paid vacation, paid sick days and better health insurance packages these employees shouldn’t be relying on scraps to live by for the sake of saving a buck.