Derranged Activities

Adam Lanza and the infective care he endured by the system and his mother reflects the many hurdles and setbacks millions of mental patients faced on a daily basis from the moment they’re diagnosed. Actually, I feel pity from this guy, the system could do better, her mother could do better.  But the inability of giving mental patients the respect and dignity they deserve in most cases, gives a lot of undiagnosed patients prone to violent outburst with disastrous consequences.  In the report from the Connecticut Office of the Child Advocate Adam missed the help he could have to at least improve his quality of live but his mother Nancy Lanza, the failure of the school district he lived and the health care providers caused this young man to be anorexic, with little or no interaction with the outside world all while communicating to Nancy only by email. He was in and out of treatments from the Sandy Hook Elementary for speech articulation problems. But still they missed an important part of his personality by fifth grade in Reed Intermediate School when he wrote “The Big Book of Granny” which was a comic-book with violent stories. What’s worse is the lack of important training by the teachers of the school he was and handling the situation, giving him and improper care instead of giving him the treatment he needed to succeed later in life.

Nancy on the other hand instead of giving the help he needed, she didn’t want him to be in a psychiatric hospital, neither taking medication to control his anxiety, obsessive-compulsive and suicidal disorders. What’s worse, she treated his son like he’s healthy when his red flags of his violent behavior were in plain sight and ignored it instead, she was partying like it was 1999 with her friends enjoying her “singlehood” and giving him guns, while his father Peter, a vice president of a subsidiary of GE didn’t want any type of contact with him, even in his own words “I wish he would never born” in his first interview after the massacre was an true image of a douchebag selfish asshole. It was their divorce that started his downward spiral to violence and death taking 27 people with him to their graves.

And obviously the mental health system needs to improve their quality of care before another massacre takes place.