Immigration Blues

This issue bothers me. As a Puerto Rican born and raised, I had faced many huddles in getting the path of the American Dream with no success in the end. I saw first hand, the compassion and the caring other Americans give to illegals by giving them a job, a house, an education while on the other hand, I had to sacrifice on my own dime to get these things to then found out I’m only have scraps. Work hard, check… pay less… check… That’s what other undocumented citizens did for decades, raising their families all while staying true to their “culture” and “heritage.” Meanwhile, I have to give up my culture, my heritage to become American because of the fear of becoming isolated in society, but still, I wasn’t accepted. I was on my own and I couldn’t find a group that I can relate to my experiences, my language, my vanishing culture. Still, I’m waiting for that.

Meanwhile the undocumented are stick together like glue. United like a traditional family, helping each other in the good weather and cold snow, in positive and negative incidents in their lives and still they’re strong. Me on the other hand, have to battle everyday by myself not to call it quits. The lack of networking really makes things complicated, specially when I’m looking for a job. A better one at least.

They achieved their “American Dream” and the government gives them another handout which is getting their path to citizenship. But who could help me get back on my feet? I stayed in this country for 13 years and the issue of working hard and then receive at least an open door came out as a illusion to me. Have the medical insurance and can’t use it because of the high deductibles, had to file for bankruptcy (which is finished) because of medical bills, I work in a dead end job for three years and counting dealing with all types of gossips, backstabbings, fear of being fired over small things (I live in a Right to Work State),  rumors and loneliness. I tried to get a business and trying to get the scraps out of it with no success. They on the other hand, they have their food buses plenty of Hispanic cuisine and they’re good at it.

I really want to know who benefits from this immigration reform? Because honestly, I’m not hiding from the shadows like they do. I’m not asking for Food Stamps or Medicaid! I’m out in the open. The only difficulty it’s that I’m Puerto Rican and I’m dark skinned. And this is what the government treats their legal citizens? With a lots of baggage to the point they can’t stand up or do anything on their own while to the illegals, they’re giving them a hand because they know they will work hard for less pay in any business. It doesn’t seems fair to me or anyone for that matter.

They have their American Dream… I for the other hand have to survive this American Nightmare. It’s Ridiculous.


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