Yesterday, after the hype of movie and music stars and celebrities, while the politicians blocks one bill after another, there’s 2.5 children that don’t have nothing to eat, yet alone no place to call home. In a study by the National Center of Family Homelessness, it features that 1 of 30 children are living in the streets. And the causes are very apparent.

1. The Lack of Affordable Housing
2. Lack of High Paying Jobs
3. Domestic Violence
4. Racial Inequality
5. Single Parenthood

Still, the American Government is at fault at this. Not necessarily it’s the White House fault but the 50 states are responsible for the destruction of the Middle Class. I’m surely appalled by the apathy, these mayors, governors displayed in the past years that they rather help the ones who have money in their pockets than a family living in a van struggling to get by.

Two of the causes that actually need extensive work, is Racial Inequality and Single Parenthood. Although it seems easy to fix it turned out to be very complex for huge amount of reasons. One of them is that the most race that have been suffered the most is the African American, and the race that has more unwed women with kids is the African-American females. The lack of the father figure, family unity caused these offspring to have academic, health and mental problems during their childhood and be more prone to have issues with the law to the point they’re violent offenders in and out of the penal system. Meanwhile, females coming from single parenthood, get pregnant at a young age repeating the circle of what their mothers faced, stuck their next generation into poverty. Without the correct guidance of both parents it will draw to heartbreaking consequences.

It’s very difficult and impossible to treat African-Americans or Blacks as a equal when we have illegal profiling in employment, conflicts with law enforcement among a unfair cultural divide between white/black relations. I know, I get it… We are being treated as a “inconvenience” to the nation in some issues but we’re being a necessity for war, entertainment and sports. We’re literally being blocked to achieve our goals and dreams and instead we’re surviving to keep a roof over our heads. If African-Americans can create their own businesses, while embracing their own cultural identity discarding the gansta, thug imagery not depending on the government for handouts, perhaps we would become a little bit stronger community with a purpose and eliminate a huge percent of poverty in our people.

It’s a tragedy. It’s devastating seeing children hungry and now they have to face the cold temperatures of the winter living in the car because so-called politicians want a luxury condo in their town, it seems sickening, unfair and heartless. And if they don’t fix it, it’s going to be much worse.