Get Set… Ready… Vandalism!

It will be a tragic day for Ferguson residents as they’re waiting on their results of incriminating cop killer Darren Wilson for the killing of an unarmed Black guy Michael Brown for excessive use of force. This town is torn between skin color lines where the whites defend the cop because he was doing a service of protecting their community against thugs and the Blacks are defending Michael Brown’s mother and father because he didn’t deserve to die at the hands of a hatred corrupt cop who was awarded for being a good cop, and more importantly failed to do proper procedures in arrest a unarmed individual not depending on using the gun that killed him.

It seems Ferguson community is broken. It seems the media, as always, exaggerate everything to a point that one or two words could convert a town into a healing ground, or a battle zone. And the foreigners who actually wants to add fuel to the fire some without knowing the facts, in an act to cause more chaos than negotiations or better yet, leave the area and leave the community handle on their own.

The roots of racism is never going away even if we elected a Black President, still there’s Black men unfairly convicted for crimes they didn’t commit, still there’s women being denigrated and labeled with nasty obscene names to destroy their self-esteem. Still there’s going to be Black Men and Women being rejected and discriminated, profiled unfairly from getting a job to owning a house. Being equal to whites is an uphill battle. Even if you play sports and entertainment it’s not the same as having their own business, they own enterprise, their own culture for themselves and their children. That was taken a long time ago. Our people should know better. Never trust or ask for help from the ones who obviously wants a certain group of people destroyed.

But more than that, instead of justice from a guy who committed a mistake and be accountable they’re give them a slap in the hand and go on their merry way while the slain parents are lost in hatred. Justice is always blind. Blind for minorities, blind for the truth, blind for fair treatment. So, if they’re ready for war… because they want justice, well… let them have it. It’s their right. If you don’t bring Darren Wilson to jail, there’s going to repercussions and it’s not in a good way.

When in history the victim’s family are happy with letting a criminal go free? I never heard such a thing! So why we have to have sympathy for a killer than a innocent man? Just because of their color of their skin that made a difference between racial bias and racial injustice. Let the vandalism begin…