Bill Cosby’s Girls

This story is simple.

A girl wants to be famous by being mentored with a famous comedian.

She met him alone in his mansion.

She woke up partially naked.

She thinks she got raped or assaulted sexually.

He smiled.

But what the public didn’t know about the controversial case of Bill Cosby is the fact that after a few decades, still these women are still crying foul after they receive a undisclosed money settlement from Bill Cosby in exchange of their own silence. But I think they want more than silence after the money is gone, by exaggerating their “rape” encounter with the comedian in the 1980’s.

Ok, this is going out of hand! What these women want to prove here? They want the head of the comedian? They want him fried? Toasted? Putting in Jello Pudding with gasoline and set him on fire? In the case such as abuse or rape, women… should do these steps in providing clear evidence to the case.

1. Do NOT take a shower. Taking a shower will erase any evidence (semen, body fluids) that the police department will collect.

2. Go to the ER, so they can collect using their rape kit. But in the 80’s it wasn’t implemented so photos are

3. Write a report to the Police. Physical description of the perpetrator is essential to the police department in speeding up the case.

4. Do NOT wait. Waiting equals making the perpetrator free.

But women didn’t follow these tips, instead they wait for a long while to then hit him when at his most vulnerable moment just because he’s famous. If Bill Cosby was nobody, he would be in jail labeled as a sex offender because these women would go thick and thin to get him fried. But right now, Cosby’s reputation is in the balance by these women who sadly blamed him for their “tragedies” when in fact they brought it up on themselves.

As harsh as I can tell. He’s NOT charged or arrested in the 1980’s because of an army of “innocent” teenagers who are grown up into bitter women. And definitely, he’s NOT charged now. So why the issue of telling your sob story of being “raped” by Bill in social media, when there’s no physical evidence related to the case? Where’s the proof, “ladies?” Where’s the police report? Since the 1980’s there weren’t rape kits, where’s the physical evidence by photos? I mean, if there’s a way, there’s a way, but not telling immediately for the fear of recrimination, and tell decades later seems too little too late and all you girls wants is money, not respect.

If you want respect however and if they want to do differently, they should be more protective of themselves by NOT going ALONE even if he’s a famous Hollywood star. I can’t be sorry for some women who just want to get their 15 minutes of fame by spewing their half truth lie, to prove their selfish point. I have more sympathy for rape victims in the Middle East than these golddiggers.

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