This world is becoming dumb. Better yet, it is dumb.

This controversial photo of Kim Kardashian showing her ass for everyone to see, it makes me think about how low as a nation has become in eliminating actual problems and, this is what people are interested in? A freaking whore married to a narcissistic jackass who got famous by doing a sex tape with a ghetto rapper and her mom is profiting her own family for her own benefit? This is what we come down to the rest of the world, America? Instead of finding cures for Cancer, they’re actually more interested in medicines to grow hair and prolong erections. Instead of speaking good fashioned English, they’re using words like STFU, LOL, and Ebonics to make surely how stupid ideas are expressing. And the names… Oh my Gosh! Can they figure a way to choose simple names that can help their kids excel in society instead of these crazy ones? Maybe perhaps some kid could be name after a soda drink. Perhaps everybody will drink energy drinks than 5 hour energy, Monster and Red Bull. Perhaps every service you request will be just between blow jobs and full service. And even the brand names will be obscene too!  The fact of the matter, they’re starting an era of stupidity, where the so-called celebrities who got famous by a sex tape or any other unconventional methods get famous. The news on media outlets today it’s just gossip after another with no important subjects to discuss. It’s always about what dress did this star A or Star B wore or how many plastic surgeries did that star A did and what’s the outcome of her personal life.

It seems fair that for that Kardashian photo, they (Americans) are becoming a laughingstock for the whole world. How close-minded they’re become and how illiterate they’re astound to be. It’s truly tragic they’re headed that way.

“Your Floor is now clean.”