People gonna hate… Greed it On.

Taylor Swift came from a “humble” “innocent” little dweeb in country to a great spoiled heartless bitch in pop. You heard it right! I don’t have no sympathy for “entertainers” who think they’re god’s gift to men that denigrate it’s fans personally and yes, financially by charging outrageous fees for their concerts and merchandise like T-shirts, posters, even pens and erasers.  But to denigrate a honest company such a Spotify by removing all her songs from their catalog over the excuse of “They’re not paying me enough” is preposterous as the day Metallica went haywire over Napster decades ago.

In a news article a few days ago, Swift reiterates that

Music is art, and art is important and rare. Important, rare things are valuable. Valuable things should be paid for.

I try to agree with that comment, but the more I agree the more stupid I could become. Seriously, Painting is art, Photography is art, music on the other hand is a form of expression when a individual usually tells a story or thoughts blended with melodies and chords to their audience. Music is not a visual art like a painting, it’s a aural response to helps listeners to act or feel what the composer or singer is delivering. Music can soothe our minds or can motivate our bodies. But in no way isn’t rare or extremely valuable to the point of putting it on display an art museum. Artists these days are out of touch with reality who instead of doing their work themselves in terms of composing notes and lyrics and even singing their songs, they rely on a cheating team consisting on “Producers”, cameos and the notorious vocal enhancing software like Antares Auto-Tune, Melodyne and others to distort their not so perfect voices in no way it constitutes valuable. It constitutes cheating. And as some examples of her live shows Taylor Swift obviously isn’t rare or valuable. She’s somewhat important in some part by her attitude that sees her true colors. A greedy talentless artist who demand a raise without even making a work for it.

That’s why “Piracy” is in place.