You Got To Be Kidding Me!

To short it out. Bob Geldof the guy who composed the song “Do They Know It’s Christmas” decided after he hated it, do a new re-make featuring the lead frontman of U2, Bono and adding Chris Martin from Coldplay and One Direction to perform for gathering money to “fight” Ebola.

Ok, Seriously?

We have already three versions of the song and to add another one in the list seems pretty stupid considering the fact that still there’s still hunger, still there’s deadly illnesses and still there’s deaths in Africa and other third world countries unless they do something effectively to eradicate such problems. And nope, I’m not talking about a bombing the whole Africa continent or any other third world country, like a lot of people have in their wicked minds. If money is the problem, why NOT eradicating it? Why not putting a system that money or trading is obviously abolished? But it’s very difficult and impossible because we’re very “happy” in this system where different political systems are in place and still there’s no peace, no harmony and absolutely no balance. But I don’t want to be out of the subject. If Bob Geldof  he wants to help, singing another version of the song isn’t going to help, he should donate it at least to a charitable organization or do it himself since he’s so “charitable.” The thing now is how these “charitable” people are pretending to “care” when now Ebola is in full rising invading their territory, I mean countries. When Ebola is in Africa, when Hunger, Corruption among other catastrophic circumstances are in a nation that mostly are Dark Skin for a huge amount of decades, they rest of the world doesn’t give a shit. If Africa were a white nation, it would be a little bit different in terms of being a developed country with skyscrapers, shopping malls and spectacular buildings. But since it’s what it is, they just rather say, “Oh, just let them die so we can get this land.”

I have to stay on the subject, again…

The fact is another version of the damn song, is unnecessary. If Geldof were more brilliant, he should be creating another Christmas song instead of recycle the same shit. I hear it every Christmas and it’s annoying. And nope, I couldn’t turn it off since I have to hear it on their speakers so I have to deal another year hearing this blasted song. Another version, Oh Hell No!

If you want to know where the money went from Live Aid and Band Aid check on this page.

Listen to the First Version of Do They Know It’s Christmas
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