Pillsbury’s Day


This day marks the first year of my dog Pillsbury’s passing. I remember it clearly, when it happened and the outcome of months after that. It was painful and unfair that how a happy, go lucky dog didn’t have a choice than to suffer because of assumptions by the one we put our trust in. I miss the days were I wake up and he just greeting me by cuddling, wanting to have a belly rub and catch ball. I miss the days that instead of pulling him to walk, he pulls me instead, to the point I land on the floor (It happened twice).  The days that when he wants to go potty he goes in the door to wait on me, and also tells him to find the leash which he finds it more than I can count. He was the first dog I had and it was a dream dog, it was all I wanted in a dog. He cheered me up when I burst in tears or when I’m depressed.

Also 5 weeks after his passing, we receive a special gift. A lab mix dog he called him Dozer. Although he’s different than Pillsbury, he’s a very energetic and rowdy. He’s my cuddling pup when I play videogames.

But at least, with battles and everything, I always remember Pillsbury antics but still I have to enjoy new ones for Dozer.