Be a Shoe

A few days ago, a mother of a autistic son, decided to drop the kid out of the bridge and turn herself in. It’s very tragic, senseless with a WTF flair. But then thousands of social media jackasses blasted this woman for her selfish decision to do so. But there’s a lot of reasons why she did it, in short words, there’s no light at the end of the bridge.

Jillian McCabe is convicted of manslaughter and murder over the killing of his son London who was six year old, was in a pretty nasty bind overburdened over not only the care of his child but also taking care of her husband who has multiple sclerosis and have to be bedridden. She was trying to get herself heard her troubles and tribulations online, writing a blog, posting videos on youtube and on her Facebook (now deleted). She even tried to collect money through without success gathering only a fraction of what the goal was. And add her untreated mental illness which she couldn’t afford and you got a wreck of a woman waiting to snap at any moment with tragic consequences. This is not indeed her fault. It’s the community that actually failed her! It’s the government that instead of giving her a hand in fixing her mental health, they just ignored the case and move on taking vacation after lavish vacations thanx in part by our taxpayer money. It’s the private corporations that wants to make a buck over the suffering of these individuals and families who are down at their luck trying to hold themselves together in crisis such as having a child with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism, or any other mental or physical illness that takes a toll on their families. It’s very easy to judge a person who doesn’t have the right tools and mental capacity to deal with a sick husband and a sick child, than to blame the community and the government in the first place for ignoring her pleas of help.

Taking care of a sick child is very overwhelming that drains the mental stability of a loved one. Without the proper mental care, we will see more tragedies like these. Oh, wait, there’s another one in NY, where a “socialite” killed her autistic son because he was sexually abused. At least, this bitch has money, but in the case of Jillian she did not and have to deal with the consequences of at least having life in prison, just because she don’t have the resources to at least give her a fair trial.

If only she got the care she needed, this kid would be alive and well. But Social Media doesn’t have no compassion just like the people from 1984. Judging without merit and not being in that person’s shoes.