The issue of female gamers in a commonly male dominated area of videogame doesn’t affect me. I played games since I was 9 and right now at 40 I couldn’t let it go. I always say “I’m a casual gamer.” Why? Because I’m not pretending to knowing everything about videogames, I only remember the best video games I ever played ever since PacMan, Mario, Castlevania, Grand Turismo, Resident Evil series, Tomb Raider, among others. Some let a mark, others I just turn it away. There’s always good games and bad games, as the same as good people and unfortunately bad people and that’s why Zoe Quinn is an example of a demented bad person who gave female gamers a bad name.

For starters, Zoe Quinn could be a gamer, but at first she was posting nudity photos. She could be a developer but her dysfunctional relationship with his boyfriend draw her to cheat on him with 5 guys and those guys aren’t losers, they are in a high hierarchy working as video game reviewers.  His boyfriend would move on with his life, but his vendetta to ruin her reputation was his goal and he conquered. Meanwhile Quinn “cries” victim even thought she caused the whole snafu. If her game sucked, (which it did) she would learn it and either go on other ventures or keep on working to improve herself better, not sleeping around with critics in order to gain fame, some extra money on the side and lots of sex.

For me the issue of gamergate resides in feminist control over males to then destroy what little these men has, which is their integrity when it comes to write, create and develop and even critique videogames. I know Zoe Quinn did on the personal level was mostly wrong, but that’s doesn’t mean all women who plays videogames are sluts, cheaters who lacks morality compass in their lives. And for starters, Quinn is NOT a developer. Even thought she had a 6 week course it’s not labeled as game developer. In order to gain that status, you either spend a lot of your cash and your time at a University or College specialized in game design and developing like The Art Institute or Academy of Art has. Another thing, I played Depression Quest for just 5 minutes and seriously, this is the best she could come up with? A text-based “video game” touching the area of mental illness which she don’t know what the hell means or have experience except being a sexaddict? She used sex as an opportunity to open doors while opening her legs without thinking about the repercussions of her actions and there you have it. Men hypnotized as soon as they see this furry thing between women’s legs, and they can’t control their impulses as they’re draw to it. If men should have the control to say no, well Zoe would be in anonymity for the rest of her life. But it happened so the feminist movement took advantage of the situation by calling men pigs, chauvinists and other insulting names without blaming the real person behind this issue which is Zoe.