Recently, I tried to understand where I stand in terms of beliefs. In order to belief in something, you have to feel in your heart this is the place to be. I used to be Christian, Mormon, Jehovah Witness, Catholic and Wiccan. All these religions were just suppressing one thing or another about the freedom of what it is to be a human being. It was just a cauldron of contradictions after another once you set your foot in the church. But it wasn’t for me. I didn’t feel it. It was more of you go one way, one god, or you burn in hell. And obviously I wasn’t happy. It was just pretending to be happy at one point of the other and I just decided “the hell with it.”

In 2000, I learned about Wiccanism. It was interesting, knowing different types of gods, understanding how the sky, stars and moon helps in getting the right spells to open doors, bring loves ones and even break curses and divination by performing rituals that needs a lot of ingredients from nature. I was a solitary practitioner at a time. But then I stopped, and move on with my life. The excesses of stress, busy lifestyle just killed it. One of the biggest mistakes I did was when I moved to the Northwest was I didn’t carry the books and tarot decks I had. But it wasn’t for me. I wasn’t identified with it. It was like I didn’t belong in it.

Just by watching “The Skeleton Key” a supernatural movie that shows lightly another type of belief, I investigated a little bit into Hoodooism. Hoodooism is another form of Santeria but with Creole/French/African roots blended with Christianity in some of the cases. Which the majority of their belief is justice, control and opening doors from getting a job to having a new love, to protect against the evil eye, jinxes and curses. But hold a minute here! Hoodoo was created by our ancestors, but why our black people can’t learn it? The majority of authors who specialized in hoodooism are mostly Caucasian which is very unfortunate. Another thing is Black roots were detoured into Judeo Christianity specially Baptist after slavery was abolished abandoning their craft and their true calling. It’s a shame that Black community don’t know who they truly are, specially what beliefs they have be planted on over the years instead of searching in themselves what’s their true calling. Meanwhile, more Caucasians write books on hoodooism while Blacks are deprived of their true beliefs at heart.

What do you think?

Do you think Blacks have been detoured into seeking their true calling, their true belief?


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