Ugly Diaries

This morning I read a “article” that went “viral” about a woman who had the worst night of her life caused by shallow assholes on a Saturday at a club. She posted the way these guys were ignoring her by not paying the cover, pretending to dance with her while looking the other way, not buying a drink like the other friends, and being told by a rude photographer to be out of the shot. It seems to me that, this girl have a nightmare of hell in that club and for that bad treatment by these cowards, I mean guys, her self-esteem went directly to the floor. But on the other hand, it doesn’t specify what race she is. Because basically, the least attractive based by society is the Black Woman. If she went into my shoes and experience my rejections, disses, mistreatment by men over the years, she will be committing suicide by now. Even thought I felt sympathy for her, it isn’t enough for a lot of women out there who endured not only once but hundreds of rejections by the opposite sex.

Being ugly in a society that pretends that everybody are super models, feels like a utopian world where the rejected are “condemned” to be inferior, to be treated like scum and the beautiful are putting on a pedestal. Beautiful people are mostly overly confident, with more opportunities to land in a better job, or a gig or who knows a acting or modeling role. They get the best treatment by many, they have more fun than any, they could conquer anything that has their mind into with no failures. But on the other hand, being ugly it’s a war zone. You go into a store and there’s all these looks and stares of people looking, it’s annoying. You’re afraid to talk to the opposite or same sex for the fear of being rejected. Our confidence is non-existent, our self-esteem is in shambles. We substitute our pain of rejection with things that will try to make us happy even if it’s unconventional like video games, reading, writing, the arts and not necessarily have to be with eating, alcohol or drugs. But still, society gives us the middle finger when they find us not suited or not perfect in their eyes physically ignoring our personality. It always has, there’s no change in that matter. We just have to deal with it and go the other way in terms of what bring us happiness without being judged over our bodies, faces and skin color. That’s our alternative, instead of feeling sorry for ourselves because our breasts, belly and legs and even our face aren’t attractive.

I hope this lady will endure from that one night as many of us endured for many days and nights feeling miserable. But in my opinion I don’t have to push people to like me because of my physical attributes of lack of thereof, if people like me for my personality, beliefs and my accomplishments that’s fine with me. If they don’t like me, well I can’t push them to accept me. But when ugly people like a overweight girl in a bar is looking for someone who could buy her just one drink, she’s not looking for attention, she’s not desperate, she’s looking to be at least accepted, valued. So, instead of ignoring them like they don’t exist, have a nice, honest conversation. It will surprise you.