Men has lost it! Over the decades, the strong sex has become a lot wobbly and weak that it becomes clear now they’re losing their main focus. Once a dominant, fierce, warrior that can change their world around them, are turned into a imaginary estrogen individuals who don’t know where to go, don’t know where their goals are or their purpose and it seems that all they care is about their feelings. Even if they go to war, they cry like babies and comeback hiding under the bed in their own home. Michael Savage made a comment two weeks ago on his radio show about the subject of manhood and the controversial issue of mental illness. In his comments he quote:

I am so sick and tired of everyone with their complaints about PTSD, depression. Everyone wants their hand held, and a government check. What are you, the only generation that had PTSD? The only generation that’s depressed? I’m sick of it. I can’t take the celebration of weakness and depression.

See, I was raised a little differently. I was raised to fight weakness. I was raised to fight pain. I was raised to fight depression. Not to give into it. Not to cave into it and cry like a little baby in bed. “Boo-hoo-hoo. Boo-hoo-hoo.” Everyone has depression in their life. Everyone has sickness and sadness and disease. And loss of relatives. And loss of career. Everyone has depression in their life. But if the whole nation is told, “boo-hoo-hoo, come and get a medication, come and get treatment, talk about mental illness.” You know what you wind up with? You wind up with Obama in the White House and liars in every phase of the government. That’s what you wind up with. It’s a weak, sick, nation. A weak, sick, broken nation. And you need men like me to save the country. You need men to stand up and say stop crying like a baby over everything. Stand up already. Stop telling me how sick you are and sad you are. Talk about the good things in your life.

When have you last heard that? Oh, everyone’s holding their hand. “Oh, welcome to Good Morning America, sir. You almost committed suicide, how interesting. Please tell us your story.” Maybe a young child who’s on the edge can commit suicide. What a country. No wonder we’re being laughed at around the world. No wonder ISIS can defeat our military. Take a look at that. Take a look at that, why people aren’t even getting married anymore to have children. They don’t even have the guts to raise a child. The men are so weak, and so narcissistic, all they want to do is have fun. Bunch of losers. Just go have a brewski and look at the 49ers, you idiot, you. They won’t even get married, won’t have a child, it takes too much of a man to do that. What a country. You’re not a man, you’re a dog. A dog raises babies better than most American men do.

He wasn’t talking seriously only about depression and mental illness. He’s emphatically talked about how men are weak and narcissistic that all they want is fun. The point of his controversial comment is about how men deal with certain situations, life-death situations like going to war. The thing is that men can endure that, but women cannot. But now since the influx of feminism, and single mothers, many guys without the strong father figure are bound to be soft. They’re unbalanced in terms of what their role really is and what women expect from them. Their respect is on the floor, and they resort to looking more feminine than masculine, letting their feelings dangerously open for other women to devour and rip them apart. Men doesn’t have a stand in this. They just go with the flow that can lead them to a big fall. And the results are disastrous. Men are more prone to mental illness, suicide, PSTD and other mental illness than women. That’s a fact considering the huge amount of pressure and stress they put on to them. Besides not accepting the role as the provider and father, they accept any role not deemed appropriate for them. But here’s what Michael Savage deal it differently, in his time, before feminism he have to fight it, before PSTD, he have to overcome it by not giving into it, before all the lullabies and the hugs to try to make men feel better, he have to deal it like a man. Ignoring the words feelings from his vocabulary and using action to solve issues even on his own. That’s how men have to deal with issues!

But here’s the problem, men doesn’t understand the concept of survival, they just know the concept of giving in feelings and using those feelings goes on the road of their demise. It’s a dangerous trap caused by society and feminism to destroy men’s spirit and dominance. Instead, we’re surrounded by men using make up, going to beauty salons for pedicure and avoid the essential role that has been given up to them. And some men doesn’t know they’re being destroyed one by one to the point, they’re dressing up like women, behaving like women and worst feeling like women.