Chris and Population Control

A few days ago with the Ebola Epidemic starting in our soil, so-called artist and woman beater with anger issues, Chris Brown issued a statement on Social Media commenting about the issue saying “I don’t know … But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. S–t is getting crazy bruh.”

Even guys with Ebonics planted in their brains knew that’s gonna happen. But then he backdown of what he said stating: ““Let me shut my black ass up!” Well, there’s cases that when as a celebrity you don’t have nothing to say or want to say in the moment, mine as well don’t say it at all. But then there’s this sentence and these two words associated with it. Population Control. These words means a lot and obviously is negative. Population Control means a certain group or groups of individuals who society “thinks” they’re not fit for the development of one country and the best effective method will be in their opinion to eliminate. This method isn’t new, for centuries when colonizers came to a new land, they encounter natives that in their opinion weren’t acceptable in their lifestyle so they did they eliminated them. Spain, UK did just that as they went from South America, Caribbean and the US by eliminating or forcing Natives out of their turf. With the Black People who were traveled against their will to a foreign land to be servants, with abolition in place, many so-called scientists, discussed what’s their effective method to at least eradicate such a troublesome race. In the years that followed, Sterilization, Contraceptives, Abortion and Illnesses are the common methods to eradicate a certain group of people that deemed undesirable with unsuccessful results.

Now we think that we’re over with Eugenics, right? Nope. Still, there’s theories of water poisoning with unknown chemicals that in some cases produce infertility in couples without even know it, not only water but the food we eat as well. The cheap chemically process foods that low-income buys because they can’t afford fruits and vegetables. Excuse me for being such a conspiracy theorist but it have been a subject for decades and yet a lot of people choose to ignore it. And don’t forget the world epidemics in the past centuries with the “latest” the AIDS epidemic in the 80’s which nearly wipe out the US Population and Reagan didn’t care shit. If Chris Brown spoke his screwed up mind about a profound, controversial subject there could be two things: make people scared to the point of pooping their pants, or downgrading him some more by name calling, or ignoring his sorry ass.

Meanwhile, Ebola is eliminating Africans more than western countries. Could it be true? Since mainstream people doesn’t know there’s oil, diamonds, the corporations who knows it are willing to kill it’s citizens to get to these resources. Now, that’s very profound meaning for population control for money gain.